Recorded on July 5, 2012 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to Use Lead Scoring, Behavioral Data and Incentives to SELL MORE CARS…FASTER!

Jeff Kershner Founder of DealerRefresh

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Statistics show that consumers are physically visiting less than two dealerships before making their purchase. Are you one of those two dealerships?

This presentation will show you how top dealerships are using cutting edge technology (like lead scoring, behavioral data and incentives) to not only find consumers with the highest intent to purchase but also how they’re driving these consumers into their dealership showrooms.

Topics to be covered include:
Lead to show passive process
Poll lead scoring highest intent to purchase
Dataium live reporting

This can’t-be-missed 1 hour webinar is going to give dealers all the information necessary to Use Lead Scoring, Behavioral Data and Incentives to SELL MORE CARS…FASTER!

Presenter: Jeff Kershner
Jeff Kershner is a name that most people in the Automotive Industry know and his specialty has long been to help car dealerships navigate the complex waters of Internet Marketing so they can dominate the online sales arena. Jeff started in the car dealer business at 18 in the service department before quickly moving to service writer. After several years in fixed ops, Jeff moved over to the sales floor where he was able to fuse his passion for online marketing and selling cars. In 2004, Jeff founded DealerRefresh, an automotive Website mainstay devoted to helping automotive sales professionals stay at the forefront of dealer industry news and trends. Jeff Kershner is also the Senior Director of Sales for HookLogic, a company that powers e-commerce media by creating unprecedented opportunities to influence in-market shoppers at key decision points. Additionally, Jeff is passionate about helping dealers understand how to leverage the Internet to sell cars and improve customer service. He often speaks to audiences about Internet Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Digital Advertising & Remarketing for the automotive industry. Jeff is an avid blogger and can be reached on LinkedIn and at jeffkershner@dealerrefresh.com.

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