Recorded on October 15, 2015 - 12:00 AM Eastern

How to Turn Your DATA into DOLLAR$

Denise Chudy & Dave Spannhake Denise Chudy, the Co-Founder and CEO at LotLinx & Dave Spannhake, the President and Founder of Reunion Marketing

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By now, most people know that Google Analytics is a powerful data tool for increasing sales and market share…when used properly. However, many companies do not have Google Analytics installed correctly, which leads to polluted data with thousands of referral spam visits and tainted readings of shopper behavior.

Learn how to overcome these challenges in this refreshing 1-hour webinar with Google Analytics authority Denise Chudy and Digital Marketing expert Dave Spannhake. They are going to discuss how to take full advantage of all that Google Analytics can offer and use the data to: create a better online experience for customers, vastly improve traffic, branding, loyalty and conversions, and ultimately, sell a lot more cars. Using the collected data to evaluate and re-invent your site will re-invigorate your online business….and it can earn you BIG $$$$$!


If you are ready to learn How to Turn Your DATA into DOLLAR$, then this is a webinar you simply can’t afford to miss! Register now!

PRESENTER: Denise Chudy is Co-Founder and CEO at LotLinx, a fast-growing tech company that enables dealerships to gain higher sales velocity and lower cost per sale. LotLinx DeeplinkingTM drives VINtenders directly to dealer VDPs, creating a more fulfilling car shopping process. Denise previously held executive positions at The Weather Channel, Tremor Video, Cars.com and Google. She launched Google’s automotive team, when auto marketers were unfamiliar with Search marketing. Denise led Google’s Consumer Packaged Goods team, where her work with Procter and Gamble was featured in The Wall Street Journal.  Denise guest lectures at the University of Illinois, where she received a BS in Advertising.  She also holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.  Denise is a frequent guest lecturer on digital marketing and she can be reached at Denise@Lotlinx.com.

Joining Denise Chudy today is Dave Spannhake is the President and Founder of Reunion Marketing, a full service Digital Marketing agency specializes in delivering best-in-industry solutions to automotive dealerships across the country. Dave spent ten years working with a 33 store dealership group in North Carolina. While there, he created digital strategies that increased website traffic and lead volume by more than 400%, contributing towards sales growth that outpaced the local market by approximately 600% the last 3 years he was there. He continues to utilize the same data driven strategies based on in-market shopping behavior and search trends to create the same success for his partners at Reunion Marketing. Dave can be reached at Dave@ReunionMarketing.com.

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