Recorded on November 8, 2012 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to Take Your Dealership from GOOD to GREAT

April Rain CEO of Digital Rain

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What do successful dealerships have in common?

We conducted a nationwide survey of dealerships that have gone from good to great to learn the secrets to their accomplishments: how they improved their tactics, changed their results and dominated their market. Did their websites, CRM’s, or DMS systems play a role? Maybe their SEO, SEM, or conversion rates were the contributing factors? Perhaps it was their overall marketing strategy, sales staff or leadership style? Did they have high CSI’s or were they high grossing?

In this 1 hour webinar we will review all these questions and more. You will learn what successful dealers have in common, what they did to specifically create success and what a dealer can do to change their results. We will cover the essentials that will help you be successful both online and off. You will learn how to track results, measure your growth and learn how analytics play into building a successful dealership.

There is no webinar out there that will answer so many questions, break apart digital myths and leave you walking away feeling confident that you have the ability to affect change and drive results.

PRESENTER: April Rain arrived in the digital universe after more than 9 years in retail sales and marketing (including Automotive and Motorsports sales and serving as GM for a successful retail chain), then spent 4 years as BDM for Minnesota’s leading automotive website portal. April then ran the Digital Marketing department for their sister company,  a well-known automotive advertising agency. Now as the CEO of Digital Rain she helps dealers enhance their online marketing, maximize resources, reduce cost of customer acquisitions, increase digital presence, monetize 3rd party lead providers and create real world steps for their increased success. Her goal with dealers is to strive for excellence when managing digital media process and creating significant presences with e-Commerce, Reputation Management, Lead Management, Social Media Strategies, Sales Analytics, Online Marketing and Website Optimizations. April dares you to find her on Twitter, Facebook or Linked In or contact her directly at April@DigitalRainMngmt.com.


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