Recorded on October 4, 2012 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to Take Control of Your Marketing Strategy (and Drive Conversion!)

Michael Donovan & Ryan DeBoom Co-Founders of OOMDO

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One of the single largest challenges that Dealers continue to face is keeping the monthly marketing campaign clear, consistent, and available. Dealerships have been marketing similar messages for years: Discount, Low Payments, 0%, etc. in order to create a “hook” or a message that will move shoppers to the showroom.

But the game has changed.

Over the past several years, the shopping experience has evolved. Customers are spending more time researching and buying online then ever before, yet we continue to see a significant disconnect. Although traditional messaging generally remains consistent, that message is all too often forgotten on the digital spectrum. This is where you can separate yourselves from the competition. In order to do this, you will need to put on your “customer” hat and then create that message that motivates the shopper to move to the web. Are you there? If you aren’t, then this webinar is essential for your future success!

PRESENTERS: Michael Donovan and Ryan DeBoom, founders of OOMDO Marketing, were pioneers and leaders in the automotive industry. Michael started his career four years ago by helping to start and establish an automotive marketing company. Realizing he needed actual retail sales experience to go to the next level, Michael left the agency to work directly for the dealership, allowing him the opportunity to work with his future business partner Ryan DeBoom. Ryan began his automotive career over 15 years ago. Working in the retail sector at a dealership, he quickly worked his way through the ranks and eventually headed the digital marketing efforts for a top 50 automotive group. Ryan and Michael worked together for over a year managing all aspects of digital marketing for an 18-franchise dealer group. Realizing that they made a powerful duo, they left the retail world and started OOMDO Marketing in order to bring their expertise to a larger audience. They can be reached at Michael@oomdo.com and Ryan@Oomdo.com respectively.

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