Recorded on July 9, 2015 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to Stop Showrooming and Sell More Cars!

David Metter President of AutoHook (the Automotive division of HookLogic)

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FACT: Your customers are shopping your competitors right from your lot. 

It’s true! Over 60% of your dealership visitors are using their smartphones to compare your prices with your competition. When you see this, know that 2/3 of these car shoppers will leave your dealership to visit another store within a day.

This is called “showrooming” and over the last few years, as mobile usage has become an increasingly integral part of the car buying process, showrooming has also become an increasingly pervasive problem in our industry. More than ever, dealers need a comprehensive mobile strategy to stop showrooming and stay ahead of the competition.


In this exciting 1 hour webinar, auto industry expert David Metter will discuss how to combat showrooming using readily available technology and proven mobile strategies. His unparalleled experience, insight and methodology are sure to bring swift and dramatic results for your dealership so that you can reduce the effects of showrooming immediately!

If you are ready to learn How to Stop Showrooming and Sell More Cars, then you simply cannot afford to miss this webinar! Register Now!

PRESENTER: DAVID METTER is the President of AutoHook (the Automotive division of HookLogic), an industry-leading provider working with OEM’s, agencies, vendor partners, and dealers to increase lead conversion, showroom visits, sales attribution, and brand Loyalty & Conquest rates. He began his career on a showroom floor, rising to become one of the top Chrysler salesmen in the country and eventually moved his way up to General Manager of a dealership. David then chose to head up sales for Autobase for nearly 5 years, where he helped grow the company from a small start-up to the leading automotive CRM software vendor. He then spent more than 6 years as Chief Marketing Officer for MileOne Automotive, a large, privately held automotive dealership group. Regarded as one of the foremost experts in the automotive marketing and e-commerce space, David is a frequent speaker at industry events including Digital Dealer, the Global Automotive Conference, NADA, 20 Groups, and JD Powers Automotive Internet Roundtable. David brings a wealth of automotive knowledge and experience from both a dealer and service provider perspective, he is an avid automotive enthusiast and he can be reached at David.Metter@HookLogic.com.

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