Recorded on November 2, 2017 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How To Innovate…Before It’s Too Late!

Christy Roman "Queen of Auto" & President of Now Digital

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What do Toys R Us, Blockbuster, MySpace, Kodak and Sears all have in common?  

They were once the most innovative in their industry but then failed to notice when something new was entering the marketplace to displace their success. Their stories illustrate how missed opportunities and tunnel vision can send even a mighty enterprise off-course. Furthermore, their failure to innovate should be a cautionary tale for every business to heed.

The dealerships that fail to innovate, adapt or anticipate the future are not likely to remain profitable. With all the technology disruptors happening in the automotive industry, from Tesla and Carvana to the entry of Amazon and Google into the space, THERE IS A REAL MARKET SHIFT ABOUT TO OCCUR. ARE YOU READY?

In this brilliant and insightful 1 hour webinar, the Queen of Auto herself, Christy Roman, will discuss how to remain innovative and relevant. Moreover, she will share what dealers can do to counteract these real threats to the status quo and keep ahead of the curve.  Attendees of this fascinating presentation will learn how to:

  • Bridge the trust gap with consumers
  • Create a more welcoming and educated employee culture
  • Incorporate other envelope pushing ideas. 

This is an Hour of Automotive Awesomeness that you cannot afford to miss! If you are ready to learn How To Innovate… Before It’s Too Late, then register now!

PRESENTER: CHRISTY ROMAN “The Queen of Auto” is the President of NOW Digital, a one-stop shop for dealers and local businesses that want to maximize their Internet advertising. An entrepreneur with a background in advertising sales, management and a few online start-ups, Christy Roman has a unique perspective on advertising as it pertains to automotive and the Internet. She first made her mark on the industry by developing and monetizing the Partnership Program (now the Premium Program) dealer initiative at AutoTrader.com which turned them into a classified advertising powerhouse and now generates hundreds of millions of dollars. Past roles also include: ad agency owner and business development; sales and management for newspaper and cable advertising; piloting the one-time AOL Time-Warner multi-media cross-selling initiative; Regional Sales Manager for Who’s Calling, and consulting for television stations to help them develop online revenue streams. Christy is also the Chairman of the board for Women In Automotive (WIA) whose mission is to assist the Automotive Community in recruiting, retaining, and developing female employees and leaders and to educate and inspire women in all areas of the automotive industry. She can be reached at Christy@NowDigital.com.

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