Recorded on March 31, 2016 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to Increase your Speed to Market

Russ Daniels Senior Product Marketing Manager for HomeNet Automotive

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Typically, in business, speed is in direct proportion to profit. However, it can still take more than 2 whole weeks from when a vehicle is purchased at auction to finally be front-line ready and many dealerships fail to take full advantage of that time to get that car to appear online as soon as possible.

EVERY DAY A CAR ISN’T SOLD IS MORE MONEY THE DEALERSHIP ISN’T MAKING. How are you using the time before your vehicles are front-line ready?

In this exciting 1 hour webinar, Russ Daniels from the company that knows more about online inventory than anyone else, HomeNet, will share proven strategies and cutting edge techniques about online merchandising that will work for you and your dealership. He will discuss how to enhance online vehicle merchandising and distribution processes to produce faster Speed to Market. Additionally, attendees will learn best practices for online vehicle merchandising in three phases: Auction/Transportation, Reconditioning and Front Line Ready. After this unique session, you will be fully prepared to incorporate these proven processes using updated merchandising technology and current industry trends.

Get ready for another Hour of Awesomeness! If you want to learn How to Increase your Speed to Market then you simply can’t afford to miss this presentation!

PRESENTER: Russ Daniels is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for HomeNet Automotive, the only provider of a unified platform that helps dealers save time and sell more cars by getting inventory out of your system and in front of online shoppers.  Russ has a strong Marketing and Training background, creating a comprehensive training tradition at HomeNet that is unparalleled. His primary focus over the past few years has been working with our Sales Team through Product training and personal growth workshops.  As the Product Marketing Manager, Russ works to understand core business as well as unmet and unrealized market needs.  Russ serves as the “voice of the customer” to understand dealer needs in the effort to discover and deliver product offerings that are valuable, desirable, usable and feasible. Russ can be reached at Russ.Daniels@homenetauto.com.

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