Recorded on January 9, 2014 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to Get Maximum Results from Your Vendors

Subi Ghosh Director of Marketing and E-Commerce at Joyce Koons Automotive

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Question: Do you feel like you are getting the best results possible out of your vendors?

 Follow-up Question: Are you effectively monitoring, managing and evaluating your vendors to get maximum results?

For most dealerships, unfortunately, the answers to both of these questions are the same. No.

Subi Ghosh knows just what you are going through and she can teach you how to get successful and mutually beneficial “vendor-partner” relationships that produce maximum results!

 In this ground-breaking 1 hour webinar, she will be discussing:

·   some of the most common complaints/concerns dealers face when dealing with vendors

·   how to properly qualify the right kinds of vendors

·   how to cultivate relationships and gain reliable vendor partners

·   how to fairly evaluate your vendors to determine their effectiveness and improve ROI

·   how to become a genuine partner to your vendor…and so much more!

This session will feature proven techniques used by some of your favorite TV Detectives in an engaging format that will keep you entertained and give you a list of actionable items that you can implement immediately to begin improving your relationships and results from your vendors now.  Attendees will walk away with real ready-to-use ideas to help you better understand and evaluate your vendors – and in doing so, greatly improve their effectiveness…and your bottom line!

Whether you chose them, inherited them or just got “stuck” with them, if you are ready to dramatically maximize the results you are getting from your dealership vendors, then this is one webinar you simply can’t afford to miss!


ATTENTION: To get your copy of the “Path to Vendor Partnership” that Subi Ghosh refers to in the webinar, use this link: https://info.dealeron.com/rs/dealeron/images/Path to Partnership.jpg


PRESENTER: Subi Ghosh is the Director of Marketing and E-Commerce at Joyce Koons Automotive. Her unrelenting focus on whole dealership “buy-in” and inclusion of the sales personnel on all  digital marketing efforts has garnered her incredible success in that position. Prior to Joyce Koons, Subi has spent time as the Internet Director at both Preston Automotive in Maryland and the Basil Automotive Group in Buffalo, NY. She was most recently a guest blogger for Dealer Knows and a speaker at both the Digital Dealer and Driving Sales Conventions this past fall. Subi keeps actively involved in the automotive community in an effort to share her knowledge, grow within her profession and, hopefully, in some small part, improve the way the industry sells and markets cars. Subi can be reached at sghosh@JoyceKoons.com.

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