Recorded on November 12, 2015 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to do the Perfect Phone Up

Elise Kephart, the "YouTube Diva" VP of Internet Sales Training, Phone Ninjas

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Make no mistake, the phone up is still far-and-away the most powerful sales tool in your dealership and maximizing it will definitely lead to more car sales.  For any salesperson, seamlessly guiding a prospect successfully past all of their objections to set an appointment sounds simple, however, many salespeople have yet to fully master the phone up — and dealerships everywhere are losing sales because of it.


For such an important topic, we called in the big guns!

Elise Kephart, known for her cutting edge sales techniques and incredible closing ratio, will discuss why phone skills can be the difference between making more money… and losing the sale…and what you can do about it. You won’t want to miss this 1 hour event as the Queen Phone Ninja herself will dive into a segment where she will perform TWO LIVE PHONE UP MYSTERY SHOPS and then award $100 for “the perfect phone up”! Attendees will also hear about:

  • The Impact of Click to Call in 2015 and beyond
  • Why Customers Call Us?
  • The Importance of a Consistent Phone Process
  • The Magic Fix to your Phone Skills

This is your chance to hear from one of our industry’s best and brightest. If you are ready to learn How to do the Perfect Phone Up, then don’t you dare miss this webinar! Register Today!

PRESENTER: Elise Kephart is the VP of Internet Sales Training at Phone Ninjas, a company focused on helping dealerships improve phone skills. An international sales/marketing phenomenon in the auto industry, Elise is nationally recognized as “The YouTube Diva” for her persuasive personalized video greetings. Since 2007 she has sold countless vehicles to clients by creating a strong bond with her customers through the power of unique video messages. Among her high volume sales, she has also earned top performing CSI. With her unique approach to videos, her phone skills and selling background, Elise has visited dealerships across the country teaching her one of a kind method. Her approach has been praised by the likes of Ziegler, Cardone and Bradley. She has been published in magazines both in the US and Canada. Elise has presented at seminars including Ziegler’s IBP, Driving Sales Executive Summit, and Digital Dealer. She can be reached at Elise@PhoneNinjas.com

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