Recorded on October 22, 2015 - 12:00 AM Eastern

How to be a Merchandising Master in 8 Steps

Devin Daly Co-Founder & CEO of SpinCar

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Top performing Dealers across the country know that the key to bridging the gap between their dealership and car shoppers simply comes down to optimizing the car shopping experience.

However, providing a better car buying encounter takes superior online merchandising which doesn’t simply happen overnight. There’s a lot of science behind it!


In this 1 hour webinar, Devin Daly is going to lead us on the path to Merchandising Mastery! Attendees of this fast-paced 1-hour presentation will learn:

  • Cost-effective platforms, technology tools and best practices used by the top 100 digital dealers that consistently drive lead submissions, conversions and revenue.
  • Important 3rd party research that uncovers the online car shopping experiences of various demographic groups so you can make informed decisions about pricing and merchandising.
  • Empirical 3rd party data that identifies car shopper obstacles so dealer managers can eliminate those barriers and help car shoppers reach the purchase finish-line quicker.
  • And the latest trends to help set your store apart and start winning the sale online!

There’s no doubt about it… If you are ready to learn How to be a Merchandising Master in 8 Steps, then this is a presentation you simply can’t afford to miss! Register Now!

PRESENTER: Devin Daly is the Co-Founder and CEO of SpinCar, the leading provider of automated 360-degree content creation tools. He is uniquely informed on cutting edge techniques that increase dealer website and VDP effectiveness. Working closely with major automotive groups and dealerships, as well as marquee fashion clients like Louis Vuitton and Nike, Devin understands how to lift conversion rates and boost website stickiness driving more revenue and profit to a dealership. He combines a deep understanding of state-of-the-art eCommerce best practices with a true empathy for the problems today’s dealers face. Devin is very active in the Automotive community and he can be reached at Devin@SpinCar.com.

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