Recorded on January 24, 2013 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How Small Data Can = Big $$$$!

Kristen Judd President & Co-Founder of 3 Birds Marketing

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Everyone is discussing the power of Big Data at conferences and other industry events and how to harness it to sell and service more cars. Although dealerships amass a great deal of customer data, for most individual dealerships and small automotive groups, it doesn’t rise to the level of Big Data that a Target or Amazon have. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t opportunities to increase your dealership’s revenue in meaningful ways right within your database.

Kristen Judd, President of 3 Birds Marketing, will help you appreciate the power and revenue increasing opportunities that exist in your dealership’s data. This webinar will focus on key pieces of small data that, with some training and process changes, translate to Big $$$ for your dealership.

The webinar will cover:
• The potential lost revenue from email unsubscribes
• The value of increasing email penetration through the Service Department
• And much more…

Webinar participants will come away with the understanding that there are many ways to increase revenue besides conquest campaigns and many simply require small adjustments, but pay big dividends.

PRESENTER: Kristen Judd is the President and one of the Co-Founders of 3 Birds Marketing, a marketing software & solutions company focused primarily on the automotive industry. Before starting 3 Birds, Kristen spent 15 years practicing law in the areas of criminal defense & civil rights litigation. The powers of persuasion, thorough research, results oriented approach & commitment to excellence that served Kristen well as a lawyer have been carried over to her work at 3 Birds. Kristen is recognized as an emerging voice on digital marketing, customer retention, online reputation & reviews, & email marketing in the automotive space. She has earned praise from clients & industry insiders for her energy, creativity and fresh ideas she brings to the industry. Connect with Kristen on Twitter @kwjudd and @3birdsmarketing or reach her directly at 415.235.3902 or Kristen@3birdsmarketing.

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