Recorded on March 30, 2017 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to Get Maximum Profits from Your Trade-in Leads

Barry Brodsky President and Founder of eAutoAppraise

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FACT: 82% of car shoppers have a trade-in. However, 32% of trade-ins offered to car dealers are under-water…and the trend is on the rise.

All dealers know how important the trade-in process is to closing more deals. After all, when done right, trade-ins can be a huge revenue stream for the dealership. Conversely, missteps during the appraisal process can lead to time wasted, negative equity, and even lost sales.


In this eye-opening 1 hour webinar, e-commerce expert Barry Brodsky is going to teach us all how to maximize conversions, sales and gross from your trade-in leads. Attendees of this fast paced presentation will learn:

  • The right way to set proper expectations and give full transparency
  • The quickest and easiest online estimating tools
  • How your online trade-in forms could make you or break you
  • How to provide accurate trade-in values in just 90 seconds!

Is your head in the trade-in game? If you want to sell more cars and make more money, it had better be! If you are ready to learn How to Get Maximum Profits from Your Trade-in Leads then you simply can’t afford to miss this important presentation! Register Now!

PRESENTER: BARRY BRODSKY is President and Founder of eAutoAppraise, which delivers website amplifiers and innovative web products to help new and used car dealers improve the car shopping, purchasing and ownership experience for their customers. A 22 year veteran of the retail automotive industry, Barry provides an exceptional balance of leadership experience, broad operational and marketing skills, and extensive proficiency in automotive e-commerce. Prior to eAutoAppraise, Barry’s other notable career highlights include helping to launch the portal website carsoup.com and his varied responsibilities as co-founder and principal leader of Netsearch. Barry is a frequent speaker at media industry events, holds a degree in Automotive Management from Northwood University and he can be reached at Barry@eautoappraise.com.

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