Recorded on May 14, 2015 - 12:00 PM Eastern

Facebook Organic Reach is Dead! 5 Tips to Succeed in the Afterlife.

Tim Lage Founder and CEO of RepairRep

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FACT: Today, less than 6% of your Facebook Fans see your content.

In an effort to deliver the most relevant content to each of its 1 billion+ users, Facebook is constantly making adjustments to their newsfeed algorithm. However, as a result of some more recent algorithm tweaks, dealers on Facebook are struggling to reach their own fans.

In a digital landscape that evolves at a lightning-fast pace, dealers are having great difficulty rising above the rest, being seen and translating their social audience into car buyers. Are you one of them?


Tim Lage, CEO of Repair Rep, will show you how to find and target your audience on Facebook and track the results of your social efforts. During this eye-opening 1 hour session, attendees will learn how to:

  •       Curate and post engaging content
  •       Convert social visits into valuable website leads
  •       Provide social customer service to help your reputation
  •       Boost Service Lane traffic and revenue with Facebook
  •       Use Facebook Advertising to Hyper-Target and Re-Target local customers
  •       BONUS – Learn what the social network big brands are using today to successfully get 100% organic reach

Facebook Organic reach is Dead! If you want to learn 5 Tips to Succeed in the Afterlife…then this is one webinar you simply can’t afford to miss!

PRESENTER: TIM LAGE is the Founder and CEO of RepairRep, an automotive specific agency partnering with car dealers nationwide providing Reputation Management, Social Management, Facebook Advertising, Listings Repair and Brand Protection. Tim founded his company in 2013 to solve the mystery behind delivering measurable value on social and reputation properties while also repairing brand and data inconsistencies on directories, GPS systems and listing citations. By using analytics and unique tracking techniques along with a ‘No Shortcuts’ approach, RepairRep is able to apply a proven formula that protects, monitors, engages, repairs and converts. Prior to starting his agency, Tim invested 15 years helping dealerships succeed online as an executive for several major automotive vendors and an additional 7 years working inside car dealerships in a variety of capacities and roles. His unique background in automotive, paired with his working knowledge of everything digital, combines to make him and his company, RepairRep, a source dealers trust. Tim is a highly respected member of the automotive community and he can be reached at Tim@RepairRep.com.



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