Recorded on November 17, 2016 - 12:00 PM Eastern

Expert from Microsoft Discusses the True Value of Search

Christi Olson Search Evangelist at Microsoft

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Each day, millions of people use their computers and handheld devices to check out the worldwide web….several times a day….sometimes for hours at a stretch.  And whether it’s for research or shopping or just surfing, there’s no denying that search has become essential to, well, everyone!

It is more important than ever to recognize the value of SEO and the impact it has on your business, your brand and your bottom line.


To clear it all up and lay down some much needed knowledge, we called in the BIG GUNS!

Christi Olson, the Search Evangelist from a little company called Microsoft, is going to school us all on the True Value of Search. In this eye-opening 1 hour webinar, Christi is going to take a deep dive into the value of search across the customer decision journey. Attendees of this comprehensive presentation will learn:

  • Search’s role in the CDJ
  • How the attribution model you are using today can impact your campaigns
  • Insights from proprietary Microsoft research showing the value of Branded search
  • How search fits into Microsoft’s overall product strategy

You simply can’t afford to miss this hour of awesomeness! If you are ready to hear an Expert from Microsoft discuss the True Value of Search, then register now!

PRESENTER: CHRISTI OLSON is the Bing Ads Evangelist at Microsoft in Seattle, Washington. She is an internationally recognized speaker and expert in Search Engine Marketing. For over a decade she has been a student and practitioner of SEM, living and breathing through the evolution of search and the transformations that have kept us on our toes and adjusting our digital strategies. Christi is passionate about marketing and has spent her career helping businesses solve their marketing challenges and reach their goals through studying and analyzing data to develop actionable insights and strategies, and in developing integrated and holistic campaigns across digital channels. Prior to joining the team at Bing Ads, Christi has worked at Expedia, Harry and David, Microsoft (MSN, Bing, Windows), and the Altria Corporation. Christi is a University of Idaho Vandal alumna and in May had her first child, a handsome little boy named Roy. Outside of work you can find her with her husband and son at crossfit and learning how to run with a jogging stroller. You can follow her on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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