Recorded on October 13, 2016 - 12:00 PM Eastern

Expert from Google: How to Reach the RIGHT Customers in the RIGHT Moments

Nicole Walsh Strategic Partner Manager on the Channel Sales Automotive Partnerships team at Google

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In this age of ever advancing technology and increased online connectivity, we’re seeing a fundamental shift in the car-shopper journey…and marketers should be worried!

Research proves that the attention span of the average online consumer grows increasingly shorter and they now take unscripted, non-linear paths to purchase. Furthermore, brand loyalty is waning as shoppers become more loyal to their needs in the moment. And it’s all because of those darn cell phones. Mobile has fractured the once predictable arc of an auto shopper’s path to purchase into hundreds of real-time, intent-driven moments.

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW AND WHEN TO REACH ONLINE CAR SHOPPERS? Of course you do! For such an important topic, we’ve called in an expert from Google to show us the way!

In this eye-opening 1 hour webinar, Nikki Walsh from Google will discuss this significant shift in consumer behavior and all the best ways to connect with an online audience looking to buy a car. There are some moments when users are open to the right message from your brand….and some wrong moments too. Only Google can help you tell the difference and then win them with the RIGHT digital marketing mix to reach more of the RIGHT people.

Attendees will first learn how to reach with the people you know:

  • Customer Match for Search, YouTube and Gmail
  • Remarketing List for Search Ads
  • Display Remarketing (including app remarketing)
  • AdWords Audience Insights Report

Then we will dive into strategies to reach the people you don’t know:

  • Similar Audiences
  • In-Market Audiences

This is an hour of automotive awesomeness you simply can’t afford to miss! If you are ready to hear an Expert from Google discuss How to Reach the RIGHT customers in the RIGHT moments, then make sure you see this presentation! Register now!

PRESENTER: NICOLE WALSH is a Strategic Partner Manager on the Channel Sales Automotive Partnerships team at Google. Based in NYC, she is responsible for managing Google’s key relationships with automotive partners and providing support on a wide range of solutions including Google Search, Google Display Network, YouTube and mobile.  Her mission is to help automotive agencies provide the most exceptional customer experience managing digital marketing solutions for small businesses. She has been working in digital advertising and partnerships for the past 8 years and has held various marketing, product management and partnership roles at companies such as KAYAK, TravelClick and WOR Radio.

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