Recorded on October 12, 2017 - 12:00 PM Eastern

Expert from Google Discusses Google’s Automotive Retail Dealer Playbook!

Kelly McNearney Senior Automotive Retail Strategist for Google

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Google just launched its first Automotive Retail Dealer Playbook!

What does that mean for you? Well, to put it bluntly… EVERY DEALER NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT GOOGLE’S AUTOMOTIVE RETAIL DEALER PLAYBOOK!!!

We’re not messing around! For such an important topic we have invited an expert from Google to give us all the deets.

In this jaw-dropping 1 hour webinar, Kelly McNearney, Senior Automotive Retail Strategist from Google, will discuss this first-of-its-kind Google release. The Automotive Retail Dealer Playbook was written specifically to show dealers exactly where opportunity exists and provide Google expertise on what dealers should master next. This session will go through the playbook in detail and explain best practices for dealers in Search, Video and Display Advertising.  Attendees will also leave with a checklist of what to ask your agency as well as all the tools you will need to make sure your website is #1!

If you are ready to master the fundamentals of dealer advertising on Google platforms then this is an hour of all-around Automotive Awesomeness that is not to be missed! This is a MUST-SEE presentation! Register Now!

PRESENTER: Kelly McNearney is Senior Automotive Retail Strategist for Google. Based in Venice, CA, she coaches automotive clients on Google’s wide range of solutions including Google Search, YouTube, Google Display Network, programmatic and mobile solutions. Her mission is to help automotive retailers make the most of the web by reaching in-market shoppers with the right message at the right time. She has conducted keynote addresses at Digital Dealer, DMSC, the Google Automotive Retail Summit and numerous OEM-specific conferences. Prior to joining Google, Kelly spent 9 years at ESPN in Customer Marketing and Sales creating and selling multimedia sponsorship packages for sports advertisers. Kelly is a graduate of the University of Kansas with degrees in Journalism and Spanish. She is a thinkLA Person of the Year award winner and is the SoCal regional lead on GoogleServe, Google’s annual volunteerism initiative. She lives in Hermosa Beach, CA and is always looking for tips on interesting travel destinations.

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