Recorded on July 18, 2013 - 12:00 PM Eastern

Breakthrough Facebook Advertising Strategies that Sell More Cars

Brian Pasch CEO of PCG Consulting

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BIG NEWS: Facebook recently partnered with Polk to match car owners to their Facebook profile.

This exciting new development allows car dealers to create targeting advertising campaigns through Google Adwords that are more precise than ever before. This new strategy will save time and increase your ROI tremendously.

In this 1-hour webinar, Brian Pasch is going to sum it all up for you. He will clarify the changes, explain the importance, and walk you through this new way of marketing to customers.  Be the first in your market to leverage this exciting new marketing channel and learn about the pitfalls of doing it the wrong way!

This is your chance to learn how to increase the ROI of your digital advertising campaigns with social media advertising. Don’t miss it!

PRESENTER: Brian Pasch, CEO of PCG Consulting, has over 20 years of Information Technology and Marketing leadership. Pasch founded PCG Digital Marketing in 2005 to assist growing companies with their digital marketing strategy. Brian’s ability to speak authoritatively to business leaders and their technical teams on business architecture, marketing, and sales helped to catapult their growth and in 2011, Inc. Magazine named PCG Digital Marketing one of the Fastest Growing Private Company in the US. In 2012 he also founded PCG Consulting which provides vendor neutral advice to business leaders looking to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes the latest opportunities in traditional, digital, and social media. Brian is an active speaker at automotive industry conferences, 20 Groups, and digital marketing workshops. He is also an avid writer and blogger and his commentary on SEO and Digital Marketing can be easily found on the Internet.

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