Recorded on February 9, 2017 - 12:00 PM Eastern

5 Mistakes You’re Making on Instagram (…and How to Fix Them!)

Kate Frost President of Kate Frost, Inc.

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No one likes to make mistakes. In Social Media, mistakes are often embarrassing and, in business, are usually expensive as well. To help you avoid any missteps on the popular photo-sharing site Instagram, we’ve asked Social Media Maven Kate Frost to show you 5 Mistakes You’re Making on Instagram (and How to Fix Them!)

Kate is an undisputed Instagram expert! She spent years unlocking the secrets and short cuts of Instagram. Using that knowledge, she then successfully grew the brand exposure and sales of many national and international companies. Now, she’s ready to share the 5 common mistakes dealers are making on Instagram and easy ways to fix them.

In this eye-opening 1 hour webinar, Kate will reveal 5 incredible tips to help you grow your Instagram audience, engagement and ROI. Attendees of this comprehensive presentation will also learn:

  • The difference between a business and personal account
  • How to check Instagram insights and use the information
  • When the best time to ‘Go Live’ and use Instagram stories
  • Why you should spend money advertising on Instagram in 2017

Whether you’re about to get started on Instagram or looking to expand your social strategy, if you are ready to learn 5 Mistakes You’re Making on Instagram (and How to Fix Them!), then you can’t afford to miss this webinar! Register Now!

PRESENTER: KATE FROST is the President of Kate Frost, Inc., an award-winning Digital Marketing service provider which helps clients improve their lead-handling processes and digital marketing. Kate has an extensive background in automotive advertising with an emphasis on social media and brings a unique insight into the automotive digital marketing realm. During the last decade, she has conducted hundreds of social media campaigns designed to brand businesses, drive traffic and generate sales and service leads. In January 2015, she launched Polished Digital, a digital marketing company focused on providing online strategies for beauty and lifestyle brands. Kate continues to learn about emerging trends and best practices and shares her knowledge at Digital Dealer, Driving Sales, TLS, Innovative Dealer Summit, Auto Dealer Monthly’s Training for Success Magazine and at numerous 20 Group Associations. Ms. Frost has been recognized as Dealer Marketing Magazine’s 2014, 2015 & 2016 Technology Leader in Social Media. Kate is a highly respected member of the automotive community and a busy public speaker, and she can be reached at Kate@KateFrostInc.com.

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