Recorded on April 24, 2014 - 12:00 PM Eastern

Say What?! 5 Key Communication Skills that will Sell More Cars

Jennifer Suzuki Founder & President of e-Dealer Solutions, Inc.

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If you’re like 99.9% of salespeople, you’re looking for a way to increase your closing ratio TODAY!

What if there were 5 simple easy-to-implement ways to do just that? Sound too good to be true? Well these 5 techniques have worked for many others …and they will work for you too!  

In this fast-paced 1 hour webinar, sales trainer Jennifer Suzuki will discuss the 5 Communication Skills that will Sell More Cars. She knows exactly what you need to say to your prospects to move more metal…and she is ready to share these 5 incredibly valuable tips with you! With better communication skills, salespeople will:

  • find it much easier to do business
  • enable more appointments set and prospects showing up
  • reduce a prospect’s anxiety
  • engage in more relaxed conversations with customers
  • get more cars sold….faster!

This amazing presentation will swiftly influence your sales performance and dramatically increase your closing ratio.

You owe it to yourself to see the impact these 5 communication strategies can have on your bottom line today! Don’t miss it!

PRESENTER: Jennifer Suzuki is the Founder & President of e-Dealer Solutions, Inc., an award-winning training company focused on improving salespeople’s phone skills, emails, and operating processes. Her 17 years of experience encompasses a wide gamut of valuable auto industry know-how, such as: selling vehicles, training & installing DMS systems, retailing internet leads, and managing an internet sales division comprised of 28 dealerships. She has a tremendous reputation for delivering significant success to dealerships looking for effective processes, profitable ideas & a sound direction for the 21st century auto dealer. Jennifer’s passion and expertise are evident in her career as she is well known for conducting sales training seminars for numerous manufacturers, dealerships, 20 groups and state associations. An active writer and blogger she can be reached at Jennifer@EDealerSolution.com.

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