Recorded on August 6, 2015 - 12:00 PM Eastern

5 Awesome Time-Saving Social Media Tools You Need to Use

Kate Frost Social Media Maven & President of Kate Frost, Inc.

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Effectively managing all of your social media channels is hard work and time-consuming, and while there may not be any shortcuts to success…there are, in fact, shortcuts to maintaining a great Social Media presence. Best part? They aren’t just FREE! For the time, money, aggravation and missteps that are saved… they are PRICELESS!


In this eye-opening 1 hour webinar, Social Media Maven Kate Frost will share her time-saving tricks, tips, apps and websites that will help you create a more streamlined social media presence for your dealership while also elevating the quality and delivery of your content. Attendees of this informative presentation will learn:

  • How to use these 5 time saving tools
  • How dealers are creating killer content with these tools
  • How to look like a social media rockstar to your boss and be the envy of your competitors
  • How to reach new and existing customers with better branding

This jaw-dropping presentation is jam-packed with so much great information you’ll start saving 2-3 hours a week! That is valuable time you can then use to talk to more customers and sell more cars!

If you feel like you: have been spending too much time on your current social media duties for not enough ROI… want to immeasurably improve your dealership’s social presence without costing more dollars… or want to put more emphasis on your social media without adding to your already busy workload… then don’t miss this opportunity to learn 5 Awesome Time-Saving Social Media Tools You Need to Use. REGISTER NOW!

PRESENTER: KATE FROST is the President of Kate Frost, Inc., which helps their dealership clients to improve their lead-handling processes and digital marketing. Kate has an extensive background in automotive advertising and brings a unique insight into the automotive digital marketing realm. From online advertising and branding to engaging social media and web site enhancement, Kate helps establish and maintain dealerships digital presence. With well over a decade invested in the automotive industry, she has collaborated with numerous OEMs, dealer groups and single-store operations both through in-store, outside sales and most recently in a digital media consulting capacity. Kate is a busy public speaker, an avid traveler, and she can be reached at Kate@KateFrostInc.com.

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