Recorded on March 1, 2018 - 12:00 PM Eastern

3 Brilliant Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Showroom

Laura Madison Vice President of Sales and Training at Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions

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3 Brilliant Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Showroom Checklist
Drive Traffic to Showroom Deck
Management by Fire
Sell More Cars by Mastering Activity Management
The MBF Curriculum

Customers are visiting less dealerships in person and instead doing more research online than ever before. This shift means that today’s car business is all about conversion of opportunities. Dealerships need to focus on converting customers from the Telephone/Internet to a Showroom visit…or lose the sale.

IS YOUR DEALERSHIP PROACTIVELY DRIVING MORE TRAFFIC TO THE SHOWROOM? Or are you just spending money on ads and hoping for the best?

In this amazing 1 hour webinar, trainer Laura Madison will teach 3 brilliant actionable strategies that drive traffic to the showroom. Furthermore, this exceptional presentation will lay out how to create a staff with a proactive mindset that masters conversion and dominates sales.

Attendees of this dynamic presentation will learn to:

  • Stop the telephone profit leak!
    Maximize inbound opportunities.
  • Create a proactive culture.
    No more waiting for things to happen. Make them happen!
  • Master social media.
    The right type of social media activity dramatically boosts sales.

Don’t miss this chance to hear from one of the brightest stars of the Automotive Industry! If you are ready to learn 3 Brilliant Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Showroom, then you simply can’t afford to miss this webinar! Register now!

PRESENTER: LAURA MADISON is the Vice President of Sales and Training at Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions, a leading automotive industry training company. As a former top car salesperson, “Laura Toyota,” best known for her use of social media within the automotive industry, Laura now works with some of the premier dealer groups in the U.S. and Canada to convert more traffic to the showroom. She has been featured in Automotive News, Advertising Age, and Edmunds.com for her unique marketing and self-promotion strategies. Laura is also the creator of the renowned Social Selling course and hosts the popular Management by Fire training event. Laura is an active and respected member of the Automotive Community and she can be reached at Laura@AlanRam.com.

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