Recorded on January 14, 2016 - 12:00 PM Eastern

10 Key Texting Techniques that Drive Results

Jerry Thibeau CEO and founder of Phone Ninjas, Recon Ninjas and Talk Options

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Texting has quickly become an essential technology that dealerships must master in order to stay ahead of their competition. When done properly, texting easily increases appointment shows, quickly boosts customer trust and loyalty, effortlessly opens a dialogue with consumers and ultimately helps sell more cars. With results like that, it’s a wonder that every dealership isn’t concentrating more on their texting techniques! However, many dealerships are unsure and inconsistent with their texting strategies and messages. Are you one of them?


In this stirring 1 hour webinar, Jerry Thibeau is going to dive into an expanded session focused solely on TEXT MESSAGING where he will share cutting edge sales techniques and modern technologies to sell more cars.  In this must-see presentation, he will help you navigate how to properly engage your customers via text message while still keeping your dealership TPC compliant. You’re going to learn the “WOW” factor that will impress your prospects and the 10 key texting techniques that will make a big difference in your bottom line.

This is your chance to hear from one of our industry’s best & brightest. If you are ready to learn 10 Key Texting Techniques that Drive Results, then don’t you dare miss this webinar! Register Today!

PRESENTER: Jerry Thibeau is the CEO and founder of Phone Ninjas, Recon Ninjas and Talk Options.  His three companies are focused on helping dealers achieve greater success.  Jerry started his automotive career as a salesperson in 1985 and often sold 30 vehicles per month.  In 2002 Jerry decided to become a consultant helping dealers improve phone and internet skills.  That led to the creation of Phone Ninjas in 2010.  Phone Ninjas has become a multimillion dollar business serving over 400 dealerships across North America.  Talk Options and Recon Ninjas are his two newest companies and they are on pace to surpass the success of Phone Ninjas.  Jerry’s mission is to provide clients with great products at a reasonable price while offering outstanding service. And he can be reached at Jerry@PhoneNinjas.com.

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