Hey, good to see you again! You’re on this page because you visited our website, but then left. Why’d you do that? Never mind, what’s important is that you’re back now!

See, because we knew who you were, we found you again in the great vastness of the Internet. Cool, right? We can do the same for customers browsing new cars on your site. If someone visits your dealership’s site and shows interest in purchasing, our retargeting ads can help drive them BACK to your digital showroom. Let’s talk about how.

Take back your traffic

Using the Google Display Network, we’ll reach those visitors that left your website, but might still be interested in purchasing.

  • Dynamic Retargeting: Show previous website visitors inventory-based ads for vehicles they were browsing, or simply an ad for your dealership. It’s completely customizable to the visitor’s behavior.
  • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads: Target past site visitors who are searching in Google and other networks.
  • Mobile Retargeting Ads: Reach your customers where they are, on their mobile devices. Take advantage of the micro-moments and serve relevant mobile ads, which Google has shown to increase conversion by 15%.

The DealerOn Difference

DealerOn believes in being transparent. All of our digital advertising comes with end-to-end reporting, using Google Analytics as the infrastructure. You’ll never have to guess where your ad dollars are going, or whether they’re bringing results. And we get results, period. You worked hard to drive traffic to your website, and DealerOn makes sure your retargeting campaigns are reaching each potential lead. That includes service remarketing campaigns for your customers who view used and CPO inventory, as well as customers who came from emails and other sources.

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