Chief Sales Officer

Bill Wittenmyer, Chief Sales Officer, DealerOn

About Bill

Bill Wittenmyer served as a VP of Sales, Layered Apps and Competitive Accounts at CDK Global, a leading automotive technology and solutions provider. With over 25 years of experience in automotive retail, he relies on the industry’s most comprehensive technology platform and data-driven strategies to help dealerships enhance customer experiences and grow profits.

Highly regarded as a dynamic and motivational speaker, as well as an industry leader with non-traditional views, Wittenmyer speaks at several prominent automotive forums each year and contributes to top news publications and television business shows that influence industry business leaders across the U.S.

Before joining CDK Global, Bill was a partner at ELEAD leading the sales organization and spent several years in the automotive retail space holding various retail positions in operations management. He earned his degree from Ashland University and took post-graduate courses at Georgia Southern University.