Instant cash-back incentives on any device

Drive more leads with a persistent cash-back incentive that works on any device

Drive more mobile leads

Imagine how many more cars your auto dealership would sell if every customer who walked through the doors got a $100 to use toward their vehicle purchase? Well, DealerOn Websites have our Lead Driver tool, which is the next best thing. Visitors to your website can click on a banner advertisement, which prompts them to enter their information. After they fill out a lead form, they can send an offer directly to their phone via text message. Lead Driver offers customers the opportunity to claim an offer from your car dealership website, then send it to their phone via text message. It’s a digital coupon that they don’t have to print or clip!

Works on any device

You can display the Lead Driver site-wide. This will work on mobile platforms as well as desktop platforms, so everybody can take advantage of it.

Fully customizable

The ads are fully customizable and can be text-based or image-based.

Location targetable

Your dealership can also use geo-fencing technology to send special offers to customers in certain areas.