Capture Leads, Drive Visits, & Earn Sales

Your dealership can show website users advertisements, pop-up windows, chat invitations, and a multitude of other clickable opportunities. But let’s be honest, you find pop-up ads annoying, and so do your customers.

That’s why DealerOn has changed the game with our Lead Accelerator, which is our highest lead generation tool.

How it Works

When a potential customer is browsing your dealership site, they are shown a coupon via DealerOn’s Lead Accelerator. This isn’t a pop-ad, so it’s not blocked by browser settings.

The customer can simply reject the coupon, but when they leave the site, they’ll be shown the same offer again. If the potential customer accepts the DealerOn Lead Accelerator offer from your dealership, they’ll fill out a short form. Once they’ve provided their contact information, they receive the offer.

As a bonus, the offer can be increased as an incentive for your customers to schedule a test drive

The results? Our clients said that 40% of their customers will accept the offer if they’re given an incentive. DealerOn’s Lead Accelerator keeps the offer at the forefront of your customer’s mind, which (like we said) has proven to approximately double the number of leads a typical dealership website gets.

Accelerate Your Dealership

DealerOn provides all websites customers with this coupon, it’s built-in. But if you’re using a different website provider (and missing out on all we have to offer [link to /car-dealer-websites]), then Lead Accelerator can be added and fully customized.