Over 50% of all traffic to a typical dealership website is from a mobile device, and in the near future, mobile local search traffic will surpass local desktop search traffic. Having a mobile-optimized website is critical for your dealership to maintain a successful digital presence.

Google Endorsed

Google has explicity recommended responsive web design as their preferred website technology.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Responsive sites load faster, reduce potential crawling errors, and reduce bounce rate.

Ease of Managment

Manage content on just one platform, reducing your work and cost.

More About Chameleon

Responsive Website Design is a technology that allows a website to automatically resize based on the resolution of the device trying to access it. This technology continues to prove its benefits, so much so, that Google is publicly endorsing it. It is the future of website design across the entire World Wide Web.

The rise in “smart” technology means that your dealership’s mobile platform continues to be more and more important in the success of your dealership online.

Just like a chameleon, DealerOn’s responsive platform adjusts to users’ environment and optimizes their website experience based on real time factors like:

  • Screen Size
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Live Market Conditions
  • User Browser History
  • A/B Split Testing Technology

There is now no need for a separate mobile site, just one place to perform all edits, content management, specials, etc. ALL shoppers on ALL devices get the same exact content.

" We increased our website vehicle leads 30% and sold 20 more cars in just one month. This technology is amazing! "
Chris Frey,
Business Development Director, Scott Clark Toyota

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