The right on site signals help boost your Local SEO

Your digital marketing strategy needs to include the local SEO strategies that only DealerOn can provide. Before your dealership spends money on a stack of poorly written blog posts, a pile of irrelevant links, or anything else, read about our take on Local SEO. Since Google shows people local results when they search for anything related to car dealers, doing Local SEO (and doing it right) is absolutely vital to your success. You do want to sell more cars, right?

Content is King

Content is king. The content you put on your website is one of the most important elements of Local SEO, so let’s talk about how to do it right. The content has to actually be about your dealership, but more importantly, it has to actually be about the local area. You can't just slap a list of cities on your site and hope to show up in all of them. You need a Local SEO expert who knows how to write the right kind of content if you want to win.

Boost local relevance

You've got to have content that's actually about your local area - you can't just mention your city periodically. Our SEO consultants know how to write the right kind of localized content, and they're experts at optimizing your entire site with the right local signals to help you show up when people are searching.

Quality over quantity

Long gone are the days when a cluster-bomb approach to web content actually worked, but most dealers are still on that bandwagon. Google cares much more about quality content than it does about quantity. Our team takes the time to write the right kind of posts, so your dealership sends out the right kind of signals.

More than blog posts

Great content is more than just writing a few blog posts and mentioning your city 20 times on your home page (like the other agencies do). Every page of your site needs robust content, so our team writes content for your service pages, your finance department, and even in-depth model research pages.

Content Silos help expand your reach

Thanks to the updates Google has released over the last few years, it’s exceedingly difficult (in fact, nearly impossible) to show up in searches that happen in a city you’re not physically located in. It’s important to own your own backyard, but once you’re dominating your own town, Local Content Silos can help expand your reach. Our SEO team can create silos of content that are optimized for nearby cities to help you show up there – even though your address is in a different city.

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On Site Signals

Your on site signals are all the things on your site being optimized for local search results. This will include the content on your site, your blog, as well as the dealership’s name, address, and your phone number.

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Off Site Signals

Links are the biggest part of your off site signals, but so are your listing sites, like Google My Business. Getting active in your local community is another type of “signal” that doesn’t require a computer to optimize.

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Social Signals

Your social activity is more important than you think, which means that people pay attention to those posts your dealership is putting out. If they’re all about your new financing options & inventory, well, that’s not very social is it?

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Review Signals

Since people trust reviews more than they trust businesses (in general), it’s crucial to have positive reviews from varied sources. If you’ve got that one family member who posts 20 different reviews for your dealership’s Facebook page, tell them to retire their well-worn keyboard, because you’ve got a new technique.

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