Target local social media users with Facebook advertising

Reach the huge, engaged base of users who use Facebook and other social media on a daily basis. This is one of those areas of digital marketing where so many dealerships try to take off running, but fall down flat. DealerOn offers multiple advertising options through Facebook and Instagram to get your dealership the most exposure. Not only does Facebook provide a lot of demographic information, but they also give dealerships access to a crazy amount of targeting methods — making it possible to advertise to that guy who’s got a Honda Civic in his garage and is thinking about buying one for his wife. This helps drive traffic to your website, obviously, but it also boosts your social signals for local relevancy with Google.

Harness Facebook’s Potential

You can use Facebook’s demographic information to target users by age, sex, place of employment, education level, etc. And you can also target Facebook users in a particular geographic area by setting a radius on a map and sending ads to people in that area who meet your marketing criteria. Using a geographic radius, DealerOn offers awareness ads for mobile users, which helps promote your dealership. This can be done at things like sports arenas or local events to increase your audience.

DealerOn also utilizes Facebook’s email list to create custom audiences in your CMS, giving your dealership a wider reach. And lastly, your website can place a Facebook pixel on users who visit your site, which makes retargeting a breeze.

Ultra-precise targeting

Target potential customers by location, demographics, age, gender, interests, behavior, connections, and more with powerful targeting capabilities. Use lookalike audiences to create audiences that look like your own targeting. The possibilities are endless.

Powerful remarketing

Boost engagement rates and reach people who have previously visited your website with powerful remarketing features.

More leads, more customers

Through sophisticated tracking, you can apply further filtering to narrow your target audience down to precisely those people who have the highest chance of becoming your customers.

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