Learn about new and improved features and upgrades designed to get you even more leads.


Enterprise Specials Management

Our updated Specials tools has been redesigned with user friendliness and efficiency in mind. Dealers can edit their offers in bulk across multiple rooftops without the hassle of a support ticket or help desk. Now you can customize your offers schedules, upload your own images, and choose CTAs that fit your offer.

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Our laser-precise geo-fencing feature allows you to target personalized offers to potential leads based on location. Want to target visitors in your competitor’s showroom? We can set that up. Need to let the local university know you have a special for students? Let us target their campus. The offer appears on your customers’ phones, right at their fingertips.

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Pricing Tool

DealerOn’s Pricing Tool makes it easier than ever to customize the appearance of vehicle pricing on your site. Change the color, size, order, of pricing. Modify call to action and disclaimer text. Even change the look and feel on desktop vs mobile. Take complete control of your pricing display to reflect exactly how your dealership communicates pricing to make it easy for your customers to understand what kind of deal they are getting.


eWallet Coupons

Forget printing coupons… Send them to straight to your customers’ phones with DealerOn’s eWallet Coupons. Compatible with Android Pay and Apple Wallet, E-Wallet Coupons can be downloaded to smartphones, where they are available at the tap of a screen. eWallet Coupons include full customization abilities like offer text, expiration date, and geo-targeting, which allows you to control exactly what offers to highlight. Reach more customers via their phones with eWallet Offers and see your leads soar.

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Structured Data

Take control of how information about your dealership, vehicles for sale, and other aspects of your business are presented through the use of Structured Data. Structured data helps search engines understand the information presented on your site, which helps them provide more relevant and specific results.


Spanish Sites

Reach the fastest-growing market of the online car shopping population by investing in a fully human-translated, Spanish-language dealership site. The Spanish-language site is a separate site from your English site that serves not only as the place where Spanish speakers can shop for a vehicle, but also as the hub for any Spanish-language SEM campaigns and SEO activities that you may undertake. Don’t miss out on this huge, potentially untapped market!

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Service Plus

With a dealership’s fixed ops contributing an average of 60% of a dealership’s net profit, it’s important that your Internet strategy drive traffic to your service and parts departments. Your service and parts pages should have useful, relevant information in order to help boost your credibility. DealerOn’s Service Plus uses a combination of custom content and other SEO strategies to drive more qualified traffic to your fixed ops pages while boosting credibility, leading to increased service calls and more fixed ops profit.


Custom Inventory

DealerOn’s Custom Inventory Pages allow you to create custom pages that showcase all of your great vehicles, and let you choose your own organization criteria. Need to serve budget-conscious shoppers easily? Create a custom inventory page that showcases vehicles under $15,000. Want to capture luxury buyers? Showcase models with higher trim levels and higher prices.

Behavioral Targeting System 2.0

Building on our state-of-the-art BTS system, BTS 2.0 will take your dealership to the next level in behavioral targeting. This lead generation system follows visitors as they search and shop, keeping up with which vehicles they viewed, what offers they’ve glanced over, and what they’ve searched for. This data then creates a unique, specialized offer that only appears once they’re about to leave your site.

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Personalized Offers

We think you should make it personal. Let our specialized offer feature give your individual customers a coupon made just for them. By filling out a form on your VDP, customers can receive a customized sale price that beats the MSRP. They will be persuaded to continue on the buyer’s process with their custom deal, and have another reason to pick your dealership.

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