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DealerOn’s Behavioral Targeting System (BTS) is a ground-breaking new way to increase your website leads. BTS follows website visitors as they search and shop on your website.

Through cursor tracking, BTS detects when a visitor is leaving your site and dynamically serves them a targeted offer based on what they looked at while on your site. Imagine delivering a relevant service offer to a consumer who visited your service department page as they begin to leave your site. With BTS, you can present behaviorally driven offers to all of your website visitors without interrupting their shopping experience.

Increase Leads

Current BTS users capture 25-30% more website leads.

Increase Sales

The average BTS customer sells 10-20 more vehicles per month!

A/B Testing

The BTS platform allows for A/B testing, in real-time, with your data.

How Does BTS Work?

Here’s an example: A consumer visits your dealership website, peruses your Service Department hours pages, checks out your Service Reps experience, and then leaves the site.  Using patent-pending technology, BTS detects the consumer’s mouse moving to abandon the website, and dynamically serves up a 10% off Service offer (or any other Service offer your dealership would like to leverage).

BTS provides your dealership with the tools to deliver targeted offers to consumers browsing the new or used vehicle inventory, the service department, or other another major part of your site. The offers can be A/B tested in real-time, so you can improve the performance of the system over time, using the real-time data from your own website.

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