Get Your Dealership on the Silver Screen

Your dealership will benefit from a solid video marketing strategy, and DealerOn has more than a few solutions. There are millions upon millions of videos on the internet (many of them cat-related, of course) and it’s estimated that YouTube alone has about 126,000 videos viewed every second. If you’re doing the math, that adds up to roughly… well, let’s just say people pay attention to videos. DealerOn has years of experience in video marketing (just check out our blog), and we offer several solutions for your dealership’s digital marketing efforts.

You’re a Star!

Well, maybe stick with selling cars before you move to L.A. for a career in Hollywood, but you get the picture. You’ll be set up for success with visually stunning videos that shine a light on all the best parts of your dealership.

Features that Wow

Just like that shiny bicycle you got for your 6th birthday, our video services have a lot of bells and whistles. Since people spend so much time online watching videos, we think it’s important to do it right and make it the best experience available.

Video Pre-Roll

Our Video Pre-Roll campaigns will integrate with sites like YouTube and you have the ability to show specific model videos to specific areas. For example, you might show pre-roll ads for a Ford F-150 in a 2-mile radius from downtown. From the video, users can click through to your website and begin the conversion process!

Model Video Landing Pages

Our Model Video Landing Pages are also used to showcase specific models and can be checked against your current inventory, so you’re always showing off the most relevant stuff. Your dealership can also promote monthly specials, featuring up to 3 new vehicles and 3 pre-owned vehicles — plus a service special that’s featured quarterly.

Why Buy Here

And if you just feel like showing off in general, then you can select a “Why Buy Here” package that will be 60 seconds of persuasive video doing nothing but bragging on your dealership.

Packages to fit your needs

GTX Video Package

Our GTX package offers 2,500* VIN-specific walk-around videos for your new and pre-owned inventory, complete with human voiceovers that provide 3 custom intros and 1 outro. These videos are also integrated into your VDPs and site’s search results, so that customers can view with the simple click of a button. When it comes to comments on your videos, we use actual comments from people as opposed to algorithms. And these videos won’t just stay on your site, either! DealerOn can put them on sites like YouTube, AutoTrader,, etc, though fees may apply depending on the host.

*Max of 2,500 VIN-specific walk-arounds per month, per rooftop

GT Video Package

For marketing pre-owned vehicles only, the more basic GT Video Package works similarly to the GTX. It takes photos of your inventory and then creates a seamless video with a branded intro and outro. Like the GTX, this package works with your search results and VDPs, offering a clickable “video” button. DealerOn can also put these videos on your dealership’s YouTube page for maximum exposure.