¿Necesitas un sitio web impresionante?

Pardon our French (or Spanish, in this case), but if your dealership is trying to market to Spanish-speaking customers, then you’d be a fool not to include a Spanish-language website.

Studies show that the Hispanic market spends 500% more time online shopping, and that Spanish-language Google queries more than doubled from 2011-2014. Do the math.

The Spanish-speaking segment of buyers in the auto industry is also the fastest growing segment, so it makes more than enough sense to have a Spanish website, yet so many dealers fall short in this area.

DealerOn’s Spanish websites are translated by actual native Spanish speakers, so there won’t be any awkward idiomatic or linguistic issues that are brought on by an auto-translate service. Yes, unfortunately, we’ve all tried to impress someone by Google Translating a quick phrase, only to embarrass ourselves beyond belief. But there won’t be anything embarrassing about your Spanish Website through DealerOn.

En conclusión

Why stop with creating a remarkable Spanish website? Your dealership will appeal to both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking customers, which greatly widens your audience, but we also have an SEO team that’s well-versed in Google best practices for multilingual sites. We can not only create a winning website for your dealership in Spanish, but we can optimize your relevancy for Spanish searchers using our proven methods.