If your customers are looking online for places to fix their vehicles, will they find your service department?

Your dealership cannot afford to let its service department be invisible online, and using DealerOn’s platform is the best way to keep your lanes filled up and your phones ringing.

Customers at your dealership should be staying there and using your service department. After all, there’s a reason you don’t refer everyone to the body shop down the street, right? You have an excellent team of mechanics on hand who will do quality work with OEM parts!

The problem is that most people are too busy googling “low tire prices” and visiting the big-name competitors (Sears Auto Center, Jiffy Lube, Meineke) to get the cheapest deal possible.

Digital Fixed Ops Hub

DealerOn Service Sites are designed to be your Digital Fixed Operations Hub for dealerships, so we offer everything that comes with our normal websites, but with the benefit of being a standalone to make it easy for your customers to find. We provide:

Unique pages for each service provided
Online scheduling via DMS integration
Click-to-call functionality
Optional managed blogs
Relevant landing pages for PPC and email marketing campaigns
Persuasive calls to action for each page
Dedicated staff pages to instill trust
Coupons displayed upon arrival and abandon of your website
Accurate & relevant analytics to measure success
Boost Performance

Clients that also choose our SEO and SEM (links?) services typically see a minimum of a 50% increase in their leads and calls. If Service department isn’t seeing much love these days, then consider boosting it up with the help of our SEO and SEM teams. The guys in the service lanes are already working hard, so make sure your website does, too.

We provide top-notch analytics as well, which means that you can look at what’s working for your Service and what can improve to attract more customers.

Having a successful, robust service site is a must-have, and DealerOn Service Sites are an easy choice. A lot of dealerships completely ignore this part of their site, so stand out from your competition.

Like we said earlier, if your customers are searching online for the best price, make sure your dealership’s service department is on their radar. We all know that Discount Tire will sell them the cheapest tire, but who knows their car the best? The mechanic at your shop with 20 years of experience, or some random guy at another store?