Your website. All devices. No hassle.

Give car shoppers a beautiful, compelling, and easy to use website experience regardless of the device they are using.

Responsive, not seamless

A responsive platform is the only one that delivers on three key things:

Device-appropriate experience

A good website delivers an experience that is device-appropriate

Great SEO performance

Performs well in terms of SEO

Simple backend management

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If your site provider is still trying to push a separate mobile site for your dealership, go ahead and break up with them right now. Tell them, “It’s you, not me.”

What is responsive web design?

Experience tailored to the device

Responsive Website Design (RWD) is a technology that allows a website experience to be optimized for a variety of devices using the same code base. A truly responsive website tailors the device-specific experience based on a number of factors, including:

  • Device physical characteristics (screen size)
  • Bandwidth (mobile versus standard networks)
  • Interaction behavior (mouse vs touch)
  • Live Market Conditions (?)
  • User Browser History (?)
  • A/B Split Testing Technology (?)

Your customers are understandably hesitant to pick out their new car before doing online research, so they need their information ready quickly. Furthermore, responsive websites load much faster, and having one can reduce your bounce rate & even your potential crawling errors. Studies suggest that the mobile version of your website has only 3 seconds to load before people start to get frustrated and give up.

Best for SEO / Google Endorsed

Don’t just take our word for it. Like we said, Google has explicitly recommended responsive web design as their preferred website technology. If the goal is to optimize your website for search engines, then we’d best do as they say, agreed?

Simple backend management

With the DealerOn responsive platform, you have just one place to perform all edits, content management, specials, etc, so there’s no need for having that second mobile site.Maintaining two websites (mobile and desktop) is too much trouble, so don’t do it. It’s more cost effective to have a responsive website that does all the work of reformatting for you, which frees up some of that marketing budget for other things.