Pro-actively reach out

Make the first move and contact your potential leads before they even have to fill out a form.

Be Authentically Awesome

The biggest complaint people have about chat programs is that interactions often feel fake or automated. “Why do I need a robot to waste 5 minutes of my time, only to tell me that the dealership doesn’t have the car I want?” Well, we prepared for that, which is why we only work with seasoned experts. Your customers are highly trained to sniff out inauthentic promises, so here’s the chance to prove that your dealership is authentically awesome.

Convert more

Chatting online with your website visitors greatly increases your dealership’s chances of turning them into appointments, test drives, and eventually customers.

Leave the chat to us

DealerOn Chat gives your staff the freedom to do what they do best, sell cars, and leaves all the chatting to us.

Open 24/7

Your showroom will be open 24/7 when DealerOn manages your chat function. Keeping your showroom open after closing time via chat will boost sales, accelerate your lead conversion, and increase your quality leads.

Edmunds and CarFax integration

Our chat service is fully integrated with Edmunds and CarFax, and we use the most accurate geo-IP data possible so that you know exactly where your leads are coming from.

Chat, and email, too

Site visitors engaging in Live Chat will also have the opportunity to contact the dealership via email, placing them further in the sales funnel.

Mobile chat included

And, yeah, it includes mobile chat, so your customers can contact you from anywhere, anytime.

Go Premium: Managed Chat Unlimited

Clients that use our premium service have seen increases in their internet leads by 40-60%!

Generate more leads with scripts

The premium version of our chat service includes lead-generating scripts that will help turn some of those curious visitors into sales qualified leads. You also have the ability to customize the opening message and visitors will always be chatting with a professional with at least 3 years of experience.