Providing Google with dynamic, relevant, and fresh content on your dealer website is becoming an increasingly more important part of Google’s algorithm for ranking content.

While DealerOn provides our dealers with a fully-integrated WordPress blog on their website, we also understand that creating search engine optimized content often falls short on a dealership’s online marketing to-do list.

Let the professionals manage your blog with DealerOn’s Managed Blogging.  The DealerOn team will produce six to eight posts published throughout each month, building content and SEO value for your dealership. This content is written specifically for your dealership, focusing around your location, models, and branding.

Dealership Control

Create your own content, edit existing posts, and customize keywords, all from your dealership.

Search Engine Optimization

Quality, unique content created for your dealership helps you dominate Google’s search engine results.

WordPress Power

Reap the benefits of the best blogging platform for search engine optimization (and the easiest to use).

With DealerOn Managed Blogging, your dealership will have full control of URL rewrites, SEO, etc; our blogs allow for all integrations and customization that the WordPress platform allows, including the ability to include social share buttons on all posts. Your posts will be categorized, tagged, and the comments held for review.

Don’t let a lack of resources, experience, or knowledge stop your dealership from having a blog that helps your dealership dominate your local search engine results. DealerOn’s Managed Blogging lets your dealership remain in control, while leaving the hard work up to us.