Quality content, no hassle

Who has the time to write unique, refreshing content for their blog, let alone several times a month? Actually, we do. DealerOn provides managed blogging for our dealership sites and we pack it with content optimized for your dealership’s location, model, and branding.

Blogging is critical for your dealer’s online presence

If you care about your dealership’s online presence, you’ll blog. It’s an increasingly important part of Google’s ranking algorithm, which means it should be at the top of your marketing to-do list. Don’t let this simple, yet effective SEO strategy be left behind in your digital marketing efforts.

Full Service

With DealerOn’s Managed Blogging, your posts will be shareable on social media, categorized, tagged, and we’ll even moderate post comments for you. Again, your dealership remains in control, but we do the hard work. That’s the way we like to do things, and we think you’ll agree once you start seeing results.

Custom blog content for your dealership

While not every single blog post will be about your dealership (which is a bad strategy), they will focus on your inventory, location, branding, and location.

You’ve Got the Mic, We’ve Got the Pen

You know your dealership best, and we know SEO & blogs. That means that you’ll control what gets posted on your blog and we’ll do all the writing. Pick your keywords, choose topics, and even make edits from your dealership. It’s your world, we’re just writing about it. But don’t worry, we’ll totally share our awesome blogging strategies.

How many blog posts will you get? There’s not really a magic number, but we tend to start with 6-8 posts per month, and we keep it consistent, which is the key.

Powered by WordPress

Even though your blog will be handled by the pros, WordPress has an easy-to-use interface in case you want to make tweaks.