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Ourisman Toyota switches to DealerOn and increases their leads by 192% – over 30 leads per day!






Ourisman Fairfax Toyota is part of the Ourisman Automotive Group, one of the 50 largest dealer groups in the United States according to the 2013 Wards Auto Mega-Dealer 100. Ourisman Fairfax Toyota competes in one of the most competitive Toyota markets in North America—the Washington DC metroplex, which includes 15 other Toyota dealers within 25 miles of the store, and 5 other Dealer Groups in the Wards top 50 Mega-Dealers.

Before DealerOn, Ourisman Fairfax Toyota had used another well-known website provider and invested a lot of money in Digital Marketing, but they weren’t generating enough website leads to justify some of the marketing spend. Ourisman’s Director of Internet Operations, Troy Nieves, knew that he had the staff to effectively handle more high-quality leads, but he needed a website that would help convert their online traffic at a higher rate and deliver more leads into their showroom.


Troy sought out a website partner that would be able to help his dealership meet their goals. He became interested in DealerOn’s website platform when he heard about their lead increase guarantee. He found several case studies from other DealerOn Toyota customers who had made the switch to DealerOn and dramatically increased their leads, so it made his decision that much easier.

Troy was thrilled with DealerOn from the beginning, noting that “as soon as we switched, I knew we had made the right choice. The customer service I received from Jessica Leidy and the entire website production team was outstanding.” The DealerOn production team crafted a highly-engaging, high-converting website that prominently features their most popular inventory and clear calls-to-action to maximize conversion rate. The DealerOn team also targeted the website content around the most highly-searched Toyota-related keywords and phrases for Ourisman’s market to maximize in-market traffic. “DealerOn was always available via email or phone” and responded with a resolution promptly.


After the website went live, Troy and the team at Ourisman saw a dramatic increase in website leads. In fact, the new Ourisman Toyota website was bringing in over 30 leads per day, a 192% increase over their performance with their previous provider, yielding a conversion rate of roughly 5% (nearly 3 times the national average). They have been able to make changes to their site with ease, and they haven’t had to worry about compliance, since DealerOn is a Toyota-certified website provider and pro-actively submits their site each month. Switching to DealerOn has also changed the way the Ourisman staff thinks about their vendors – as Troy Nieves put it, “our website provider is now a partner, helping us sell more cars, not making us jump through hoops.”

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