Leith’s lead volume explodes, increases 316% with DealerOn

Leith Volkswagen of Raleigh is a part of the Leith Automotive Group, a 33 store dealer group located throughout North Carolina. The store recently built a new showroom to showcase their large new and used inventory.








As many dealerships were, Leith Volkswagen of Raleigh was struggling to adjust their online visibility to keep up with the national downward trend in lead volume as many consumers were turning towards online search for their car shopping needs. Dave Spannhake, Marketing Director for the Leith Automotive Group, knew the dealership needed to create more opportunities to talk directly with their customers, and felt as though their website provider couldn’t keep up with the speed at which he wanted to make changes.

“The combination of the decrease we were experiencing in our online presence and the decrease in the number of customers reaching out to our dealership directly had us very concerned. We knew we had to make a change in order to stay competitive,” said Spannhake.


Spannhake began looking for a website provider that could move quickly enough to keep up with Google’s ever-changing recommendations and prove that they could continue to bring visitors to the Leith Volkswagen website. After talking with DealerOn about their website platform, lead guarantee, and company-wide focus on search engine optimization, website conversion, and customer service, Dave felt ready to make the switch.

Even before moving to their website platform, it was clear to Mr. Spannhake how “focused” DealerOn was on “increasing our online visibility” and converting organic website traffic into leads.

“Their performance speaks for itself…our digital marketing spend has become more efficient as better built websites with more relevant content increase the performance for many of our strategies.“


Marketing Director, Leith Automotive


From the beginning, the numbers began to show that the DealerOn platform was helping Leith Volkswagen meet their goals and solve their challenges. Spannhake’s team was able to “increase our visibility online by building their websites with SEO in mind while increasing our lead volume.” All of this was done with an “emphasis on conversion opportunities throughout every page of their websites. We have increased site visits and lead volume every year since partnering with DealerOn.”

Aside from being blown away by the increase in leads and website traffic, Mr. Spannhake continues to be impressed with the customer service he receives. “DealerOn is a true partner in every sense of the word…the most outstanding customer service we have ever received from a website provider,” says Spannhake. When compared to previous providers he says, “One and two week wait times for tickets to be responded to and completed are now a thing of the past…we have never looked back!”

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