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Forget about unique content. Try actually BEING local!

Focus on Being Local, not Just Unique

We’ve got another helpful article to send your way! The SEO industry is full of changes, and what worked 5 years ago doesn’t necessarily work today. Heck, 2015’s best practices have even changed in 2016, just take a look at the recent Possum, & Penguin updates. Greg Gifford, our Director of Search and Social, has some more tips and best practices for you when it comes to your content: focus on being local, not just unique.


Three Easy Ways to Start Building Local Links

How to Build Local Links

This post was written by our Search and Social Team Manager, Steve Shackelford. To hear his recent webinar, “SEO for Noobs,” click this link.

So, you’ve decided to start building local links. Welcome to the wide, wonderful world of competitive link building. The […]

Details about the recent Possum and Penguin updates from Google


In this week’s Wednesday Workshop video, we explain the details about the two major updates released by Google this month. It’s not often that two major updates are pushed out in the same month, so we wanted to explain what’s changed so dealers understand what’s different.

What’s been dubbed the Possum update rolled out a few weeks ago, and it’s the update that most dealers would have noticed. Possum resulted in quite a few changes to how businesses are displayed in local searches, specifically in the 3-pack and the Local Finder page. Google also release Penguin 4.0, the final major iteration on its link spam algorithm (it’s now baked into the core algorithm and updates in real time).


Prioritize your marketing channels


The Beard and the Hair are back for this week’s Wednesday Workshop video! This week, we’re talking about prioritizing your marketing channels so you get maximum return.

All marketing channels are not created equal. Some work better for B2B, yet fail miserably in B2C situations. You’ve got to find the right marketing channels for your dealership and prioritize the ones with the biggest return.


How to Make Your Content Even Better


For this week’s Wednesday Workshop video, we continue on the same subject of writing amazing content for your dealership’s website. Last week we shared a tip that helps come up with amazing content, and this week the tip will help you make sure the content is written well.

It’s a simple tip – just read your content out loud! If it sounds odd, then it’s wrong. It’s got to be conversational. Watch the full video for more details…