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Car Dealer Websites

Whether you’re an independent auto dealership, a large dealer group, or a car dealership somewhere in the middle, hiring with DealerOn to administer your car dealer websites platform will help your dealership sell more cars for less money.

Auto Dealer Websites

DealerOn believes that auto dealership websites should increase traffic, leads, and sales. This is why we design our car dealer websites to maximize the number of people who visit your site and the percentage of those that convert to leads. At DealerOn, we also believe in accountability, so the DealerOn auto dealer website platform has extensive car dealership analytics to ensure that you can precisely measure the impact that your website and your online marketing activities are having on your dealership showroom traffic.

Auto Dealership Websites

Increase Website Traffic: The first step to selling more cars online is to increase the number of online visitors who reach your site. DealerOn websites generate more traffic for our customers than any of our competitors because we design our auto dealership website framework to be search-engine-friendly. Did you know that 80% of new car buyers use a search engine to research auto dealerships before they make their purchase? That means that if your site is not visible in Google, 80% of new car buyers won’t find your dealership during their research. We use our expertise in car dealer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to build out-of-the-box car dealership websites designed to bring the most web traffic to your auto dealer websites.

Convert More Leads: Ensuring that the online visitors that reach your dealer site convert into web leads is the next step. DealerOn maximizes the number of leads for our customers’ websites with our portfolio of car dealer marketing conversion tools. Our customers’ websites convert well over the industry standards, and dealerships that switch to our platform almost always see a worthwhile increase in their auto dealership lead conversion rate. Among the conversion tools we provide to our customers are:

  • EAS Lead Management System – In addition to its coupon functionality, our award-winning car dealer incentive management system provides our customers the ability to target a specific message (whether it’s a savings message, a gas coupon, or an appropriate customer giveaway (like an entertainment system) to gather lead information. This tool can easily double a customer’s conversion rate by itself.
  • Video Credit Application – We provide a quick, multi-step process for your prospects who are interested in financing to provide you with a lead to start the car-buying process.
  • DealerTV - DealerOn includes our Integrated Video Inventory Marketing System – for our car dealer customers. We improve your car dealer Video Search Engine Optimization (car dealer VSEO) rankings by providing videos that are tuned for search engines for all vehicles in your inventory. DealerOn also gives you 5 free Youtube uploads and 50 VSEO car videos for your inventory with our standard car dealer website package.
  • Virtual Inventory – Occasionally, a visitor to your website may be looking for a specific car that may not be in your current inventory. We provide a virtual inventory option, so that you can still gather a lead for that particular customer, without them going to your competition to shop for the car.
  • Impact Specials - Your auto dealer website will have all the benefits of a well managed specials page without the hassle. New car rebates and financing information is updated automatically, and if your dealership doesn’t update your pre-owned car, service, or parts specials pages, a lead generating form will appear.
  • Business Intelligence - Knowing how your website is performing can be the difference between selling or not selling cars online. DealerOn believes that you need to measure everything, so we have designed the most inclusive reporting features, and our account managers are trained to be able to help you understand anything that you might not.
  • Dedicated Dealer Account Management - Your dealership will receive a designated account manager that will know the ins and outs of your dealership and web presence. Our account managers focus on using their insight, experience, and knowledge to make sure your site is helping your dealership sell as many cars as possible.

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CAR DEALER WEBSITES - DealerOn FlexSites™ will help your dealership:

Drive Qualified Website Traffic
Convert More Leads
Drive Showroom Visits
Sell More Cars

These guys really know what they're doing and how to help their dealerships be as successful as possible.

-- Mitch Gallant, Capital Ford Lincoln

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Drive Qualified Website Traffic
SEO Accelerator™

Get your website in front of 80% of buyers and double your search engine traffic.

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Sales Driver™

DealerOn's PPC product gets you more qualified leads for less money than you're paying your 3rd party lead providers.

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Convert More Leads

Our Dealer Incentive Management System has proven to more than double website lead volume.

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Mobile Site

Double your Mobile Site Conversion

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Increase your website leads 87% and your phone leads 70% with our new & used videos.

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Video Credit Application

More than double your credit application leads with our multi-step video credit application technology.

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Virtual Inventory™

Prevent leads from abandoning your website because of your physical inventory limitations by using our Virtual Inventory.

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Impact Specials™

Quickly and easily increase your lead volume and engage your customers with a powerful website experience.

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Ease of Navigation

Increase conversion and generate more leads with our clean, easy to navigate website design.

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Drive Showroom Traffic
Customer Support

Get free monthly Online Marketing, strategy, and search engine consulting sessions from our Best Practices Team.

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Lead Nurturing

Drive leads into your showroom and shorten sales cycles with our automated emails and surveys.

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Smart Reports

Increase your marketing ROI by measuring your web traffic, lead conversion, and actual car sales from your online marketing.

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