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Mean Tweets – NADA 2017 Edition


For this week’s Wednesday Workshop, we’re bringing back one of our most popular videos of last year – vendors and dealers reading mean tweets. While we were at NADA in New Orleans, we grabbed a few dealers and vendors and had them read mean tweets that other people had written about them… And the […]

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Should It Stay or Should It Go? A Guide to What Goes On Your Mobile Site

Should It Stay or Should It Go? A Guide to Mobile Site Optimization

5 Things That Don’t Go On Your Mobile Site (and 5 Things that Do)

If you’ve been living under a rock, then you might not know that people are starting to use their mobile devices for browsing websites more than they use their desktops. That’s right, all that information and data, shrunk down onto a tiny phone or tablet screen. But mobile and desktop platforms aren’t interchangeable, and there are certain site elements that convert well on desktop, but not on mobile. In fact, there are things you should probably never put on your mobile site. Lucky for you, that’s what this post is all about! […]

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6 Tips To Make Your Reviews Better


This week’s Wednesday Workshop shares 6 tips to help make your reviews better in 2017. I’ve been doing a lot of SEO audits with our NADA follow-ups, and we’ve seen a disturbing trend – lots of dealers are faking their reviews! We talk about fake reviews in this week’s video, and share several tips to help make your reviews more awesome (and help you avoid penalties or even hefty fines!). Watch the video for all the info…

Let’s Make 2017 the Year of Honest Reviews!

Let's Make 2017 the Year of Honest Reviews!

Well, 2017 is upon us and our fearless Director of Search and Social, Greg Gifford, has got some more best SEO best practices for us. He wrote a helpful little article over at Search Engine Land, and it’s all about how to manage your business’s online reviews. The problem is that plenty of folks still have less-than-best practices when it comes to getting reviews and responding to them, and it’s high time to fix that! […]

Ranking reports don’t show SEO success


This week’s Wednesday Workshop video shares some important info about SEO reports. At NADA a few weeks ago, we talked to a ton of dealers who still get super old-school ranking reports from their SEO providers. Ranking reports do NOT show yo how well you’re doing with SEO, and they don’t tie in to the bottom line of the dealership.

Watch this week’s video to learn more about why ranking reports don’t really show anything helpful anymore, and what you should be seeing in your monthly SEO reports.