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Chris joined DealerOn in 2008 and is responsible for leading DealerOn’s Marketing and Operational Functions (product marketing, product management, brand building, channel marketing, and corporate communications) With 13 years of Digital Marketing optimization experience and success, Chris is an expert in all aspects of online marketing and e-commerce, including SEO, Paid Search, conversion optimization, web analytics, A/B and multi-variate website testing. Prior to DealerOn, Chris spent 6 years at Network Solutions where he lead the online marketing strategy team and analytics areas. Chris is known as the foremost authority in automotive on how to measure and optimize marketing performance with Google Analytics. Chris is a Google Adwords and Google Analytics Certified expert, a 2012-2014 MobileWebAwards judge, and a past member of the Web Analytics Association. He has spoken at national and international conferences for NADA on the subject. Prior to DealerOn, Chris spent 7 years at Network Solutions, at the time, the largest domain name, website, email and online marketing company for small businesses in the United States, helping lead the online marketing strategy analytics areas. He worked in marketing and financial management roles at Fortune 100 companies Intel and MCI. Education: MBA in Marketing, University of Texas, B.A., University of Virginia

Google Adwords and Your Brand

AdWords and your dealership

A couple weeks ago, I spoke with the Internet Director for a huge dealer group whose website/SEM provider had told him NOT TO BUY his dealership name on Google. I was stunned. […]

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You Need to Test the New Google Ad Platform Now

Google AdWords Customer Match

You might have missed it, but in late September, Google announced a potentially revolutionary new Adwords marketing channel that they’ve named Customer Match. Google is giving dealers the ability to sell and service more cars by getting more value out of an asset they already own – their existing customer lists. […]

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Does Google Hate Your Mobile App (And Is It Costing You Money)?

On September 1, 2015, Google announced that they would begin flagging sites as “Not Mobile Friendly” in the Google Search Console if they were using a Mobile App Interstitial that “hides a significant amount of content and prompts the user to install an app”. Google is doing so because their “analysis shows that it […]

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Pull Demographic Data from Your Google Analytics

Almost every month Google provides some new, interesting, beneficial improvement to Google Analytics. In late 2013 Google began providing rich data about the demographics and interests of your website traffic. At DealerOn, we’re always trying to use data to improve the customer experience for our dealers, so I wanted to show you how to use […]

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How to Use Google Analytics Reports to Speed Up Your Website

We all know that one of the most important traffic sources for the typical car dealer website is Google’s organic search listings.  Google has made it very clear that one of the most important factors in determining where your dealership’s website content ranks on Google is the speed at which that page loads for their […]

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