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We’re coming to Chicago!


This week’s video is a short one, cause Shaun and I are both in Philadelphia speaking at Sean Bradley’s Internet Sales 20 Group conference. We stepped out of the conference this morning to shoot the video at the top of the iconic Rocky stairs, so we could let you know that we’re bringing our Topgolf event series to Chicago! We’ll be there the first week of August, and this time it’s going to be better than ever… Watch the video for all the details.

DealerOn Event Series: Digital Strategy Summit


Here’s the deal. We’re going to take you right to the source…the source of digital excellence, that is. We’re pleased to announce that our next Topgolf event is OFFICIALLY on the books. DealerOn’s signature Digital Strategy Summit is going to be held in Chicago, on August 2, at Topgolf Wood Dale! We’re partnering with Google once again, to bring you a ton of premium knowledge on all things digital in the world of automotive.  […]

Google’s new mobile PPC ad type – and what it means for you


In this week’s Wednesday Workshop video, we’re talking about Google’s new (kinda) mobile model ads. While they were “released” a little over a year ago, they weren’t really showing up for quite a while, but now they’ve been re-introduced and they’re out in full force.

The ads feature a swipeable image carousel with captions, as well as several call-to-action buttons. This week’s video points out the important way that dealerships should be updating their PPC strategies to work well with these ad types.

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Rage Against the Machine: Getting Your PPC Automation Straight

Rage Against the Machine: Getting Your PPC Automation Straight

In the wonderful world of PPC, we’ve all come to know and love (to some degree) automation services. For most of us, using automation with our paid search efforts has made life easier. But, while it can certainly make […]

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See the Beard and the Hair LIVE


In this week’s Wednesday Workshop, we share all of the upcoming events where you can see the Beard and the Hair live and in person… They’re both out on the road sharing awesome knowledge nuggets about SEO, PPC, and digital marketing in general.

If you’re at any of these events, make sure you find the […]