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The Top 10 Videos of 2016


It’s the last Wednesday Workshop of 2017! To finish up an amazing year, we’re sharing the list of the most-watched Wednesday Workshop videos of 2017:

10. Learn more about the recent Google updates
9. Man on the street interviews from NADA 2016
8. How long does SEO take?
7. Local SEO presentation from Digital Dealer 21
6. Prove you need SEO with simple math
5. You might actually want a high bounce rate
4. Is your website just lipstick on a pig?
3. We don’t sell jeeps
2. NADA mean tweets
1. You CAN sell cars with Pokemon Go

Thanks for watching all of our crazy videos – we’ll see you in 2017!


You’ve got to own your dealership’s backyard


In this week’s Wednesday Workshop video, we’re back to talking about SEO and local search results. Far too many dealers spend all of their effort trying to show up in searches in nearby (larger) cities or metros – while ignoring their own town.

It’s important to own your own backyard before you go after your neighbor’s. With the recent updates to Google, it’s exceedingly hard to rank well in a city where you’re not actually located. Before you put all your effort into showing up elsewhere, make sure you’re showing up as well as you possibly can in your own city.

Check out the new AdWords Message Extension


In this week’s Wednesday Workshop video, we explain the newly released Message Extension in Google AdWords. You can actually get customers to send you a text message directly from your PPC ad in Google search results! Watch the video for all the important details…

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Prioritize your marketing channels


The Beard and the Hair are back for this week’s Wednesday Workshop video! This week, we’re talking about prioritizing your marketing channels so you get maximum return.

All marketing channels are not created equal. Some work better for B2B, yet fail miserably in B2C situations. You’ve got to find the right marketing channels for your dealership and prioritize the ones with the biggest return.


How to Bring Your Service Bays to Life with Paid Search

Drive online traffic to your service bays with PPC ads

In early 2015, Ward’s Auto published an article that had an interesting data-point from, wherein Cars.com1 found that consumer ratings for the dealer’s service department were a key factor in the final buying decision. If you’ve been in the car business a while, this shouldn’t surprise you. It is also no surprise to anyone that a dealer’s fixed operations efforts are crucial to revenue, profitability and customer loyalty. As a digital advertising agency that focuses on Websites, SEM (search engine marketing) & SEO services, what baffles us is why most dealers allocate lesser than 10% of their paid digital advertising budget to fixed operations2 — even after knowing these facts. […]