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Why do DealerOn's Mobile sites work?
Nearly 15% of all Dealer Website Traffic is from Mobile Devices
DealerOn sites auto-detect mobile devices and provide a mobile-optimized experience to your customers

Mobile websites are becoming an important part of auto dealership's comprehensive online marketing plan. As of January 2011, nearly 15% of all traffic to the typical car dealer's website is from a mobile device! Is YOUR dealership's website optimized for mobile devices? Are you losing out on 15% of your potential online leads?

DealerOn's Mobile Website Technology automatically detects mobile devices when they arrive at our customer's websites. Our platform directs this traffic to a mobile version of each customer site, which is specifically tailored to a mobile user's needs -streamlined navigation, tight lead forms, and quick loading content .

Mobile Websites

Mobile users are typically looking for something in particular (searching), not browsing like they often do on typical websites (surfing). Your dealership's mobile website needs to get your customers the information they are looking for, whether its inventory, service, or other content, as quickly as possible.

According to a recent Microsoft study, 53% of all mobile searches contained "local intent", meaning that the users were shopping locally. Your mobile dealership website needs to be optimized for both search engines and mobile devices. DealerOn's Mobile Website Technology allows your dealership to maximize mobile traffic and leads.

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