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Over 50% of all traffic to a typical dealership website is from a mobile device, and in the near future, mobile local search traffic will surpass local desktop search traffic. Having a mobile-optimized website is critical for your dealership to maintain a successful digital presence.

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Ben Anderson - Mobile Breakthroughs Are Changing How Your Customers Shop

Mobile Breakthroughs Are Changing How Your Customers Shop

April 23, 2015 - 12:00 PM Eastern
w/ Ben Anderson, President and CEO of AutoMotion
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If you’ve ever experienced birds chirping, singing, calling or screeching at night, you were probably annoyed by it. Today, businesses including your dealership must be aware of birds chirping into the early hours of the morning. The “birds” are the consumers of our modern, or some would say, post-modern era and they don’t always sing during business hours. Twitter and…

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Your dealership probably has at least one review portal that your marketing efforts are focused on…Google? Facebook? Yelp? DealerRater? Which portal works best for your car dealership? Is your focus in line with the portal your customers prefer to use? Mike Blumenthals, a local search and Google Places expert, recently created a Google survey to find out where American adult…

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Car dealers using DealerOn’s websites and marketing services generate more leads and sell more cars than ever before. We do this by driving more qualified traffic to our Car Dealer Websites.  High quality traffic on conversion optimized automotive websites results in more leads, showroom visits and sales.  DealerOn doesn’t stop at high performance dealership websites and marketing services, we also offer robust reporting features to help auto dealers make wise decisions and our customer service is truly award winning.

The design philosophy of DealerOn focuses on maximizing lead generation for car dealers.   Using Automotive SEO, Conversion Design along with paid search (SEM/PPC) and Display ads which include advanced retargeting strategies, DealerOn helps car dealers spend more time selling and less time worrying about their automotive digital marketing efforts.

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