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Over 50% of all traffic to a typical dealership website is from a mobile device, and in the near future, mobile local search traffic will surpass local desktop search traffic. Having a mobile-optimized website is critical for your dealership to maintain a successful digital presence.

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" I had been using one of the most visible website providers, so I was skeptical that DealerOn could ‘double’ my leads. They actually QUADRUPLED them! I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t been able to measure it myself. "
Mitch Gallant,
Capital Auto Group

" I had been using one of the most visible website providers, so I was skeptical that DealerOn could ‘double’ my leads. They actually QUADRUPLED them! I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t been able to measure it myself. "
Mitch Gallant,
Capital Auto Group

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NADA 2015 Website Award2

DealerOn Presented With DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Award

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DealerOn receives a “Top Rated” Award for Dealer Satisfaction in Website Category Derwood, Maryland – January 22, 2015 – DealerOn is the recipient of a “Top Rated” Website award in the sixth annual DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Awards, presented at a special event today in conjunction with the 2015 National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention & Expo. “From day one, DealerOn…

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Car Dealer Websites

Car dealerships that use DealerOn’s automotive online marketing solution sell more cars, more often, for less money than ever before. We do this by driving more qualified traffic to your Car Dealer Websites, getting a higher percentage of this traffic to convert into leads, and helping your dealership turn more of these leads into showroom visits. Additionally, we offer the most inclusive auto dealers website reporting features and best customer service.

DealerOn designs each product to focus on maximizing car dealers’ leads (through SEO and SEM), conversion, and sales, helping auto dealers spend their time closing deals and not managing their Internet marketing efforts.

Car Dealer Websites, Search Marketing, and Auto Dealership Marketing Solutions

Auto Dealer Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) directs the most qualified web traffic to your auto dealer website, making sure that you are getting the most out of your car dealership search engine marketing budget. Using DealerOn’s Sales Driver™ platform you can perfectly measure every lead, phone-up, and web visit that comes through your car dealership SEM (PPC) efforts. Your auto dealership will earn a higher ROI than doing it alone because of our expertise in keyword generation and budget management.

Auto Dealer Websites

The auto dealer websites that DealerOn builds for our car dealer customers maximize the traffic, leads, and sales for their dealerships. Our paid search platform, the strongest converting car dealer ppc platform in the industry, consistently outperforms our competitors’ dealer paid search solutions. Also, our dealer websites are so well optimized for the major search engines, that our car dealers SEO results continually rank first in their markets. We continually push the limits with our auto dealer SEO platform so that our platform evolves as Google, Bing, and Yahoo revamp and enhance their search algorithms. Our dealers are able to quickly measure and analyze their car dealer marketing performance with our Smart Reports, the best-in-breed auto dealer analytics system.

Driving More Showroom Traffic

Converting website traffic into leads isn’t enough—your dealership needs to get these online leads into your showroom. Using our HyperConnect™ auto lead services tool, your dealership sales staff can get your leads on the phone within minutes of their lead submission on your car dealer website. This tool can increase your showroom traffic generation by 33%, helping your auto dealership sell more cars!

Since the buying cycle of today’s new car buyer is getting longer and longer, your auto dealership needs to stay in contact with your new car leads throughout the process. Help your lead nurturing efforts by using our automated automotive lead management tools to turn your dealership into an interactive marketing powerhouse.

Automotive Dealers Website Design

Car dealer website design is important for auto dealers websites because it helps show car buyers a little about the auto dealership they are going to do business with. DealerOn provides individual design attention to ensure everyone has a car dealer website design that fits their auto dealership personality. Automotive dealer website design needs to reflect the car dealership, fulfill search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines, and help buyers find what they need on car dealers websites. DealerOn will design your car dealer website to help sell more cars and make it stand out from other automotive dealers website design. Our dealers websites look different from other auto dealers website vendors because of our individual design work

Auto Dealer Search Engine Optimization

By leveraging DealerOn’s FlexSites™ website solution, your car dealership will generate more qualified traffic and produce more qualified leads. Our FlexSites™ are designed specifically for auto dealer search engine optimization (SEO), putting your dealership at the top of the search engine results. Your auto dealership website will capture the most and best online leads available to you from qualified search engine traffic. Our car dealer search engine optimization services and website architecture have been recognized by SEO experts as being the most effective service in the auto dealer SEO industry.

More than Just an Auto Dealer Website

Our FlexSites™ solution frequently doubles the lead volume for new customers just starting on our auto dealer website solution. One reason we generate so many leads is our suite of car dealer website marketing tools. This includes our EAS dealer incentive management system.

Our EAS auto dealer coupon system allows our dealers to merchandise an incentive of their choosing to provide a compelling call to action on their car dealership website (such as $500 off or simply an “Internet Savings Coupon”) to generate leads.

Another dealer website conversion tool that our customers find extremely compelling is our Impact Specials™, which allows your car dealership site to automatically run an up-to-date specials web page, without all of the time and effort it typically requires.

Our auto dealer websites speak for themselves in terms of quality, design, conversion, and search engine optimization structure.  Below we’ve decided to highlight some of our auto dealer websites for both perspective and existing car dealership clients to look at.  DealerOn works with many OEMs including Chevrolet, Acura, Audi, Kia, Toyota, Ford, and Suzuki. Wilkes-Barre’s Motor World Toyota, San Jose Ford Store Morgan Hill, and Dallas’ Goodson Acura has DealerOn auto dealer websites.  Near Houston we have Al Packer Ford, a Baltimore Ford Dealer, in White Marsh, MD as a client. One of our recent additions is a Mitsubishi dealershp in Omaha, Edwards Mitsubishi, as well as a dealership in Columbus Ohio Coughlin Ford of Johnstown. We also recently added Lawless Chrysler Jeep in Woburn, MA. and Jim Coleman Honda, a Baltimore Honda dealer, Zeigler Maserati, a Maserati dealership in the Greater Grand Rapids Area, and Maserati of Arlington

Dealer Websites – Results Guaranteed

DealerOn is the only dealer website providers that offers lead volume guarantees or your money back. Call us to find how you can double your websites lead volume today. Call one of our sales reps to find out more: 877-543-4200

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