Recorded on May 29, 2014 - 12:00 PM Eastern

Website Performance Metrics that Make “$en$e”

Jason Ezell VP of Sales at DealerOn, Inc.

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Almost all Dealerships use the Lead to Visitor Ratio (LTV) as the metric of choice to measure the success of their website and online marketing programs. Are you one of them?

What if I told you that was WRONG?

The shocking, almost subversive fact… LTV is actually a formula for success — not a success metric!

In fact, the LTV metric is the product of several other more important, and more influential metrics. Meaning, there are many factors that go into the final LTV number. One cannot simply set out to “raise LTV” as it will be almost impossible without understanding the formula that gives us LTV. It’s the same as wanting more Horsepower from a car just by adding rocket fuel. If that car is not equipped to handle the speed, the rocket fuel is useless.

There are a number of up-stream performance metrics that provide a much clearer and much more manageable set of metrics to actually influence and increase the efficacy of websites. The end result….more leads from the same amount of traffic.

Join us for an eye-opening 1 hour webinar to discover the Website Performance Metrics that Make $en$e! This is one presentation you simply can’t afford to miss!

PRESENTER: Jason Ezell is the new VP of Sales for DealerOn, Inc. With almost 25 years experience in the automotive industry, Ezell first managed dealerships for over 8 years before being invited to join Autotrader.com’s first sales team back in 1998. After that, he then started a well-known website company before becoming President of Dataium, LLC, the largest aggregator of auto shopper behavior data in the industry, 4 years ago.  As a member of JD Power’s Internet Round Table and a regular Digital Dealer Conference Speaker, Jason is well known as an expert in automotive Internet for his statistical approach to analyzing user data to better understand how to sell cars on the Internet. Returning to his first passion and expertise in dealer websites, Jason Ezell offers one of the deepest and widest knowledge bases on dealer website best practices and strategies.  He can be reached at JEzell@dealeron.com.

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