Recorded on May 18, 2017 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to use Video during Downtime to Increase Sales

Mike Davenport “The Louisville Chevy Dude”

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YouTube and Facebook can easily be major income producers for car salespeople. If done right, salespeople could earn double digit increases in car sales simply by posting unique videos on these two popular social media sites.  However, most folks don’t utilize one or both correctly, or they make boring videos not worth watching.


We’re going to dedicate a full hour to show you, in detail, how rock star car salesman Mike “The Louisville Chevy Dude” Davenport does just that. He should know! He’s a top performing sales guy with over 4 million views on YouTube and 40,000 followers on social media.

Mike is going to share his video tips, tricks, secrets and strategies. Attendees of this incredible 1 hour presentation will learn how any salesperson can take the power of YouTube & Facebook and turn it into a marketing empire for themselves and the dealership.

This is the game-changer that every car salesperson needs to know!

If you are ready to learn How to use Video during Downtime to Increase Sales then this is an Hour of Automotive Awesomeness that you simply can’t afford to miss!  Register now!

PRESENTER: MIKE “The Louisville Chevy Dude” DAVENPORT is a self-proclaimed Chevy Enthusiast. Not only is he the leading salesman for Bachman Chevrolet, he is also a top performer of New Chevrolet Sales in the country and one of the 40 highest rated salesmen on DealerRater.com. A 15 year veteran in the auto industry, he has held numerous dealership management positions such as Sales, F&I, New Car Manager, Used Car Manager and GSM. However, Mike’s meteoric rise in sales didn’t start until 2010 when he bravely decided to leave the management sector of the car business to start from scratch as a salesperson in a new town at a new dealership where he could focus his branding efforts on himself and provide an excellent example for other salespeople. He owns several domain names, maintains a very successful YouTube channel with over millions of views, runs very aggressive social media campaigns, and his social media presence proves he is a leader in the industry for other sales professionals & managers. Mike Davenport is the epitome of a Rockstar Salesperson, a very active member of the automotive community and he can be reached at Mike@ChevyDude.com.

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