Recorded on June 13, 2013 - 12:00 PM Eastern

The 13 Metrics That Matter Most

Dennis Galbraith Research and Business Intelligence at DrivingSales

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There are literally 100’s of different metrics that are available to us at a dealership…and it is often confusing and overwhelming to figure out what to do with all that great information. Many use their metrics to make such important decisions as setting budgets and even hiring more personnel but which metrics really make a difference?

Like the dashboard of a vehicle, some marketing metrics need to be monitored frequently (similar to a speedometer), and some only need to be looked at when something is wrong (similar to a warning light).

In this free 1-hour webinar, famed automotive thought leader, Dennis Galbraith, will discuss the metrics that matter most, why certain metrics are more important than others, and how they can help you make decisions that will positively affect your dealership’s bottom line. You will learn to handle the growing amount of marketing data more efficiently and with fewer missed opportunities for profit improvement.

If you want to learn which metrics deserve your attention and why, then this may be the most important webinar you attend all year! Don’t miss it!

PRESENTER: Dennis Galbraith leads Research and Business Intelligence for Dealers at DrivingSales and is the author of two books, Sales Integration and Online Automotive Merchandising. Through DrivingSales, Dennis delivers research services to dealers and their vendors as well as consulting and training. Dennis has owned two successful companies serving dealers and vendors, Dennis Galbraith Marketing Services and Revenue Guru. Through the 1990’s he taught marketing at the graduate and undergraduate level for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He ran the automotive internet division of J.D. Power and Associates until 2006, then managed over $300 million in advertising products as Cars.com’s Vice President of Advertising Products and Training. He has taught marketing for NADA Academy and is widely known for his dynamic speeches and videos as well as his informative writing and he can be reached at Dennis@DrivingSales.com.

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