Recorded on October 20, 2016 - 12:00 PM Eastern

A Tale of 2 Case Studies: Driving Lucrative Dealership Strategies with Data

Brent Wees Director of First Impressions at NextUp

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When discussing success in business, data is your friend. The numbers simply don’t lie!

In this engaging 1 hour webinar, Brent Wees will help Dealers build stronger process and marketing strategies thru a more comprehensive dive into new data and detailed analysis. He will share two case studies of dealerships who chose to invest in leading edge automation technologies… and what they discovered along the way that also radically changed their strategy for the future.

Attendees will learn how quickly the stores implemented this new technology, overcame adoption hurdles and how those experiences can be applied at any dealership. Furthermore, he will show how this new data from automation can help dealerships:

  • Focus their sales strategies
  • Develop a better customer service culture
  • Improve customer engagement tactics
  • Maximize marketing dollars
  • And positively affect other marketing strategies

Each of these case studies tells a story of the challenges a dealership faced, the critical decisions its people weighed, and the actions they took. In the end, attendees will SEE WHAT THESE TWO DEALERSHIPS ACHIEVED, HOW THEY ACHIEVED IT… AND HOW YOU MIGHT DO THE SAME OR BETTER!

If you are ready to hear A Tale of 2 Case Studies and how they can teach you to Drive Lucrative Dealership Strategies with Data, then don’t you dare miss this presentation! Register Now!

PRESENTER: BRENT WEES is the Director of First Impressions at NextUp and has been a fixture in the Canadian automotive digital landscape for the past 15 years. A regularly featured speaker at automotive events around the world, Brent’s energetic, comedic and uniquely engaging presentation style keeps him in demand at events such as Women In Automotive, Driving Sales Executive Summit, World-Shopper, Innovative Dealer Summit and the Canadian Auto Dealer Innovation Series, to name a few. He is a regular contributor to Auto Retail Network Magazine UK, Canadian Auto World Magazine, and Canadian Auto Journal and he believes if you really want to grow in the Auto Industry you have to #do1thingdifferenttoday. Brent Wees has an affinity for cool hats and hot grilled cheese sandwiches and he can be reached at BWees@TheNextUp.com.

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