Recorded on July 13, 2017 - 12:00 PM Eastern

How to Pump Up Your Video Strategy TODAY!

Andrew Myers Co-Owner of What's Next Media

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If you are looking to quickly boost your online traffic and conversions, there’s no better place to start than with video!

Unlikely viral video star Andrew Myers knows a thing or two about the power of video. He is ready to tell dealers How to Pump Up your Video Strategy with a few well made, well placed and content-crammed videos.

In this fast-paced 1 hour webinar, you will learn how to create and implement engaging sales oriented videos in the 4 critical areas of the digital funnel where they can affect the most change. Attendees will also learn the key types of videos that you need to:

  • Create a branding message that is not ‘vehicle obsessed’
  • Build value in your dealership, processes, people and guest experience
  • Actually influence customers rather than just market to them

This presentation is guaranteed to leave you with crucial takeaways and practical advice on how to use video to truly promote your dealership’s value propositions online. This hard hitting session will highlight real examples, real videos, and most importantly…real results!

Improved traffic and better conversions may only be a video away!

If you are ready to learn How to Pump Up Your Video Strategy TODAY, then don’t you dare miss this presentation! Register Now!

PRESENTER: ANDREW MYERS, (aka “Mr. Wrong House”) is Co-Owner for What’s Next Media, an automotive video company that delivers immediate results for their dealer clients by making powerful and unique message-based video programs. Andrew began his career selling door-to-door and eventually at automotive-staffed event sales where controlling the customer’s attention and moving them through the process are the only ways to be successful. Andrew left this successful position in the automotive industry when he discovered a unique way to build more control with digital customers by using the power of video. His current passion is building eye-catching video and valuable content to “slow the customer down” and offer compelling reasons to buy throughout the online sales process. Andrew is a lifelong sales-person with a passion for influencing customer decisions and mastering new ways to control the sales process and he can be reached at amyers@whatsnext.pro.

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